Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Wing Lei Chinese Restaurant- Wynn, Macau

Lunch one day in Macau is in the Wynn complex, more specifically at Wing Lei, the two Michelin star, luxurious Chinese Restaurant.

We went quite early on a weekday lunch, and only just managed to get a table without a booking. Even though it didn't seem overly busy, we saw people being turned away, without a booking, as we were leaving.

Scallop and vegetable dumplings

Har gow prawn dumplings

Char siu or BBQ pork rice noodle rolls

Deep fried glutinous dumplings with goose liver

Siu mai

These were my favourite - baked abalone with roasted chicken

Dessert - fried taro cake

Checkered red bean and coconut jelly

Wing lei, unlike the typical yum cha joint, has an extensive list of teas on their menu

The prices are comparable to what yum cha would cost in Australia, though obviously by local standards, it is quite expensive. I enjoyed the more unique dishes, but I think some of the fun and charm of yum cha, is sitting in a bustling and vibrant restaurant surrounded by carts.


Food is our religion said...

man i miss the food in macau! actually i just miss HK in general n their yum cha! I find it so different to the ones in Sydney - its no where near as oily and filled with msg!

cquek said...

Man I always need to pace myself when it comes to these types of things so i can fit more in LOL

Brisbane catering said...

Wow, food looks wonderful same as ambient of the restaurant!