Friday, 7 December 2012

Depot Eatery & Oyster Bar - Auckland, New Zealand

I had compiled a list of places I wanted to eat in Auckland, though many of the places weren't open for Sunday lunch and we had an unfortunately tight schedule. Luckily, Depot, right in the heart of Auckland CBD is open everyday from 7am. 

Depot Auckland
Depot is all about simple, fresh seasonal food that is designed to be shared.

Depot don't take reservations, so you just walk in and hope for the best. This system seems to work pretty well as there seems to be a constant flow. 

Rustic water cups 

Complimentary flat bread and dip to nibble on whilst we peruse the menu. 

We get some of the clams to start with - Tuatua are the larger ones on the right, and the diamond shell clams are on the left, these were my favourite as they were so sweet and fresh!

Fresh oysters and clams on ice.

Drongo oysters


Squid ink linguine and 'Cloudy bay' clams with hand cut pasta, ficelle, 'Akaroa' chorizo & sauv blanc sauce

Even though I'd had a similar dish the day before at Mister D, I couldn't resist getting this dish as it had cloudy bay clams. These were, once again, absolutely delicious. There seems to be a unwritten rule that cloudy bay clams and squid ink pasta belong together.

Hill's new season asparagus with black olive butter, lemon zest and chives

The obligatory vegetable dish turned out to be a winner. The asparagus was so sweet and paired well with the zesty olive butter and lemon. 

One thing I love to do when I'm in another country is browse the supermarket - it's always fun finding products you've never seen before! Honey in all variations seems to be a key ingredient in most of the gourmet type food shops. 

Rotorua - so interesting seeing random places bubbling or steaming here and there

I picked up some Rotorua mud masks and products at one of the shops, but we joked around saying we could have just scooped some up from this bubbling mud pool as it looks exactly the same!

Waikato falls

Auckland Sky tower

They were just putting up their Christmas display in downtown Auckland. So funny seeing reindeer antlers scattered all over the road!

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