Monday, 24 December 2012

Restaurant Indonesia - Napier, New Zealand

Restaurant Indonesia was one of the places that popped up with rave reviews, especially their famous rijstaffel, a feast of all kinds of small dishes that cover the whole table. 

Located on Marine Parade, near the aquarium, the restaurant is easy to miss as it looks like a regular house when you drive past. The stone guardians and colourful umbrellas are a giveaway that we are at the right place for our dinner booking.

Inside, the restaurant is decorated with Balinese statues, masks, shadow puppets and Batik tablecloths. 

Ordering is relatively easy as everyone is having the rijstaffel, it seems most other tables have the same idea too.

The dishes come out fairly quickly, and the hot dishes are placed on the warmers. 

We had a mixture of choices out of all the rijstaffel options; vegetarian, meat and supreme. They also offer a fish/seafood choice too.

Emping melinjo - Melinjo nut crackers for the vegetarian rijstaffel 

Kroket kentang - potato croquette which was part of the vegetarian set

Tempeh Bacem - sweet fried tempeh

Atjar Tjampur - pickled vegetable condiment, 
Sayur lodeh - vegetables in curried coconut cream
Sambal goreng paprika - spiced capsicum 

I really enjoyed the creamy vegetables in coconut

Kerang goreng jahe - Mussels with ginger

Dadar jagung - indonesian style corn fritter

Kari telor - stewed egg

Kare ikan - fish curry

Gado gado - mixed vegetable salad

Rendang padang - slow cooked beef
Kurmah - lamb stew
Sateh ayam - skewered chicken with peanut sauce

The small dishes are deceiving! It ended up being a lot of food, and we struggled to finish them. The rijstaffel is a great idea, as it allows you to try a bit of everything. 

Restaurant Indonesia
409 Marine Parade, Napier
Ph: (06) 835 83 103

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