Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Mixed Business - Clifton Hill, Fitzroy North

Writing this post from my Melbourne trip from last November makes me laugh. This brunch trip to Mixed Business was a random visit, recommended by my friend (whom I used to live with in Sydney, but sadly has relocated back to Melb!) She had heard a good review from a friend - being a bit of a food snob, I was somewhat hesitant about this random suggestion, but begrudgingly agreed to 'check it out'.

As you drive past, the building literally looks like a run down, abandoned petrol station from the front, which only validated my initial hesitation, though I have to admit I was proved wrong! It ended up being a really nice cafe with fabulous breakfast. 

Excitement built up as I spotted these gorgeous sweet treats on the counter - surely you can judge a cafe based on their baked goods on offer?

The warehouse-esque cafe was buzzing on a late Sunday morning. A great little venue to chill out, read the paper or catch up on the goss, and get your caffeine and indulgent weekend brekky fix. 

Cannot go wrong with an all day breakfast menu!

Lunch options mainly consist of rolls with a couple of specials on the board too.

Chai tea - love the little pot of honey that comes with it!


Organic sourdough toast with avo and house marinated fetta 

Can't go wrong with sourdough spread with fresh avocado.

Ploughman's breakfast - an impressive board with boiled egg, toast, vintage cheddar, tomato, pickles and pork belly rillette, scattered on a wooden board. 

Special soup of the day - this was a really hearty vegetable and lentil soup, quite filling and something that goes down a treat on a cold wintery day. 

Omelette from the specials board - this had some pork and potato mixed through, and was quite nice but very filling! I definitely didn't need lunch after this.

Despite my initial reaction, Mixed Business is definitely a hidden gem, amongst the many awesome Melbourne cafes, and certainly taught me a lesson on not judging a book by it's cover ;)

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Missy Piggy said...

Melbourne has SO many great cafes to brunch at...it's sad to think that we only get to a few each visit. That ploughmans plate looks tasty.

Gourmet Getaways said...

Oh my mouth is watering, I am so hungry!!!
I love the avo and feta toast, it is my favourite and I only ever seem to get it in Melbourne.
The cake counter looked pretty lush too ;)

missklicious said...

Shanshan - I want to be back in Melbourne!!