Monday, 18 February 2013

The Botanist - Kirribilli, Sydney

After stumbling across The Botanist, a funky new bar in Kirribilli on one of my many walks around the neighbourhood, I thought it would be the perfect place for a girly cocktail session and new year catch up. 

The Botanist is located on Willoughby street within a short stroll of the station. Staff are super friendly and helpful with what to order.

It's early on a Sunday afternoon, and we walk in to a lovely bar, dotted with plants throughout (keeping up with the botanist theme) it's the perfect lazy casual Sunday venue to grab a few drinks and snacks. It also seems to be quite popular, as it fills up quickly during our visit. 

Again, keeping up with the botanical theme, the cocktail menu is displayed as specimens - very cute idea! I think it's great when places make an effort to do something a little bit different when it comes to their menus. 

The options all sound amazing, making it really hard to choose one. 

The Pacific Isles - White rum blended with Pama pomgranate liquer, coconut, pineapple, lychees and ice

I had a sip of this and it was delicious, fruity and tropical, just the way I like my cocktails. 

Coco Loco - A whole young coconut loaded with white rum, coconut syrup and a splash of fresh line

Couldn't resist getting this cocktail since it's served in a young coconut. I have to admit, upon the first sip, we all had the same thought that it was pretty damn good. 

Elderflower Lychee martini - St Germain elderflower liquer with vodka, muddled lychees and lime

Overall, I have to say that the cocktails at The Botanist are pretty impressive. 

Spicy cauliflower fritters with lime and cucumber relish. 

These were crispy on the outside and moreish. A great start to our meal.

King crab sliders - Alaskan king crab and prawn with khol crab remoulade

Butter chicken sliders - butter chicken with cucumber, lime relish and minted yoghurt

There are a selection of different tempting slider choices on the menu, we decide to go for the chicken and crab option - the butter chicken is my favourite out of the two choices.

Mahi Mahi ceviche with avocado, coconut, radish, tomato and toasted sourdough - loved the fresh ceviche, but think this dish would have benefitted from either smaller/thinner but more pieces of bread served with the ceviche or some kind of crisp bread instead.

Slow cooked octopus salad with roasted capsicum, marinated tomato, green olives, basil and cress

A lovely and refreshing salad.

Dessert is not shown on the menu, but if you ask nicely, the staff will let you know the desserts for the day. On the day of our visit, there were two options for dessert, of course we try both ;)

Chocolate brownie with a raspberry cream

Such a decadent way to end the meal. This brownie was dense, rich and dotted with hazelnuts.

Lavender creme brulee

After having the chocolate brownie, the creme brulee definitely didn't seem as exciting. If you only get to pick one dessert, I'd say go for the brownie!

A very welcome new local haunt with a friendly and relaxed vibe- I'll definitely be back to try more of the tempting cocktail options. 

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mashi said...

I was there for v day and agree, the decor to the cocktail list is very unique and "in theme". I loved the elderflower lychee martini and would love to try the cauliflower fritters next.

Christine @ Cooking Crusade said...

This place is sooo cute and I LOVE the cocktail menu, so cool and what a fab idea! The cauliflower fritters look fantastic and soo crispy yum !

Tina@foodboozeshoes said...

Crab sliders? Yes please. It's definitely not local for me though :(

Sherrie Huang said...

I love ordering cocktails - the perks of being a girl! And that coconut one looks so good. Young coconut juice is the best! I am eyeing those sliders too :P

Gourmet Getaways said...

Oh I love having cocktails with the girls and the food here looks rather delicious too YUM!

reed Dexter said...

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