Thursday, 28 March 2013

Singapore Shoik food truck - Sydney

As soon as I heard that the Singapore Shoik food truck would be near my work, at Harmony Park in Surry Hills, I knew I'd have to go there for lunch.

The very colourful Singapore Shiok truck - unfortunately some of the items had sold out when I arrived at 12:30pm, it was really popular and they were overwhelmed. 


Tasty fresh spring rolls with shredded vegetables, prawns and pork. 


Nice and spicy with generous servings of chicken, the bowl seemed quite small but it was actually quite heaty and filling


The options that we missed out on (chicken curry and stingray) looked really good as well - maybe next time! The only gripe I had was the long waiting time, we waited for our order for well over half an hour, which was a bit too long.

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Tuesday, 19 March 2013


As some of you may know via my tweets, I was diagnosed with Bell's Palsy last Sunday. 

During the week before, I had been feeling pretty run down, tired and had pain the right side of my neck that wouldn't go away. By Saturday night, I couldn't sleep because of the pain, and woke up the next morning with my face feeling a little different.

Since it was a Sunday, my only option was a medical centre, and the doctor said I had a throat infection and gave me antibiotics to take, insisting that once the infection went down, the feeling in my face would also go.

It didn't sound right, and I felt worse the next day so went to see another doctor, who then diagnosed Bell's Palsy, which is basically inflammation of the facial nerve causing one side of your face to be paralysed. It's been a week and after quite a bit of medication and acupuncture, I haven't seen any improvement yet, but I am hopeful.

It really makes me appreciate all the wonderful people that I have in my life, and all the beautiful things in everyday life that we usually take for granted - smiling, laughing, enjoying a meal, tasting, being able to express yourself, being able to go out without feeling self conscious. 

I'm grateful to have a really caring and understanding workplace - my manager and workmates have been checking up on me, making sure I'm ok and offering their time to accompany me to appointments and even just for company which I think is so kind. 

I'm grateful for family, who is always source of strength and constant comfort no matter what.

My best friend always manages to cheer me up when I'm feeling down or have negative thoughts, always there to listen to whatever I have to say and just be there anytime.

Last but not least, the person that has bore the brunt of most of this - the boyfriend. He has been so caring and amazing throughout this whole time. Words don't even begin to explain.

 The past couple of weeks, I've learnt that it's easy to get caught up with doing things, checking off things off the list, but all we really need to do sometimes is to slow down, relax and enjoy the moment that we are in. 

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Mejico - Pitt Street, Sydney

Mexican food seems to be the latest craze in Sydney, with endless options available around town. The latest offering being Mejico, a bar and restaurant located on Pitt street, right next to Jamie's Italian.

We visit on a Wednesday night and the place is quite busy with a nice buzz to it. It's a place where you can feel free to just grab a drink and lounge in the bar area with some nibbles or have a full meal in the restaurant area. We haven't made a booking, so are offered a seat at the bar instead, which turns out to be even better as we are entertained and served by one of the best bartenders all night!

Mejico also house an impressive list of tequila, in addition to the tempting cocktail list. 

One thing that caught my eye and was noted as a must order was the guacamole.

Market fresh guacamole

All the ingredients are brought over to your table, explained in detail and then combined by the wait staff. The staff are passionate and go in-depth with the description, even making sure you aren't allergic to any of the ingredients beforehand.

Avocado, spanish onion, lime juice, served with golden plaintain chips

Another advantage of sitting at the bar is this view of the guacamole preperation station, they were pumping these out like crazy!

Delicious freshly made guacamole - you can really taste the difference. I really enjoyed this, especially paired with the crunchy plaintain chips. 

Devil's advocate - Havana club blanco, lychee, grapefruit and campari

Shredded kingdom - Tromba blanco, grapefruit, coconut, cranberry

Our starting cocktails are lovely and fruity, going down well with our starter.

Of course, we couldn't go past trying some tequila too:

A nice accompaniment to the tequila - something different to your average salt and lemon!

Bloody Mary

The drinks keep flowing on this 'school night' as the bartender is so much fun and keeps making fabulous sounding recommendations, the temptation is too much!

The Pornstar martini

This cocktail was packed full of vodka, passionfruit and vanilla, with the name very apt as the passionfruit also houses a shot of tequila which is then set on fire. This was one amazing drink!

Hiramasa kingfish ceviche

With ruby grapefruit, watermelon, pepitas, radish and charred chilli flakes

These little bite sized pieces were refreshing, with the chilli adding a nice punch to it.

Glazed pork ribs - chipotle chilli marinade, blackened corn and polenta chips

Sweet, sticky and addictive. The menu says 'worth the mess, even on a first date' and I think I'd have to agree! (not that I was on a date anyway)

Agave-glazed caramel fudge - vanilla biscuit base, cinnamon and citrus mousse

A nice sweet touch to end the meal. The fudge is quite rich and was balanced out well by the other elements on the plate.

Pina pie

Of course, I couldn't go past the offer of a lovely sounding dessert cocktail from our awesome bartender - this creation is best described as a cross between a warm apple pie cocktail and eggnog. The warm creaminess is nicely countered with the tartness of the green apple. 

I wasn't really sure what to expect as there are so many mexican places around, but I have to say that I love the emphasis on the fresh produce here. The portions are small, but I personally didn't find it to be an issue, unlike some of the reviews I've read. 

The amazing service from the friendly and vibrant staff really made the night. Definitely worth a try :)

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Friday, 15 March 2013

Firefly - Neutral Bay, Sydney

One thing I love about lower the north shore is the lush and leafy landscape. I never tire of going for long walks around the neighbourhood, and there's plenty of awesome restaurants and cafes in Crows Nest and Neutral Bay for a nice rewarding drink and lunch after a hike. 

Firefly is a great spot for a weekend cocktail and some fancy bar fare. 

Cocktail menu

I opt for the Mr & Mrs Smith - a lovely mix of Sip Smith Gin, St Germain Elderflower liqueur, lavender sorbet

Firefly's infamous zucchini fries, served with aioli 

I love zucchini, and whilst these were a tad oily, they were quite moreish and addictive.

Steamed pork belly buns

These had pickled vegetables, which helped balance out the fatty pork pieces.

Seared scallops with roasted beets, almond puree and basil oil

Juicy scallops served with roasted beetroot. The sauce was a bit of an overkill

Duck liver pate

The duck liver pate is served with onion jam and cornichons 

A nice spot in Neutral Bay for some drinks and a decent all-day menu. 

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Thursday, 14 March 2013

March into Merivale Green Eggs & Ham - Ms G's, Pott's Point

March means it's time for March into Merivale. 

I always enjoy Ms G's, and love Dr Seuss so the Green Eggs & Ham event, to celebrate Dr Seuss' birthday, was on my hit list.

Cute menu, following the Green Eggs & Ham theme.

The meal starts with a pink cocktail that consists of a refreshing mix of gin and pink grapefruit

Do you like green eggs and ham?

Scrambled eggs, maple bacon and soldiers

Absolutely adored this dish. The eggs were perfectly cooked and flavoured with asian herbs and garlic. My favourite was the maple bacon, deliciously sweet and smoky. 

Would you eat them in a box?

Egg noodles and mapo tofu

Couldn't get a proper shot of this, as it was served in a noodle box. The mapo tofu had a bit of spice and kick, with the welcome addition of fresh herbs and cucumber to balance it out.

Could you would you with a goat?

Vietnamese goat curry

The most fragrant curry with fall apart tender goat, potato and vegetables. 

Stir fried bok choy

And to celebrate - Dr Seuss birthday cake complete with sparkler

Pandan chiffon cake with tapioca, coconut praline and coconut sorbet

Loved the crunch of the praline paired with the super light chiffon and sorbet. 

Such a creative take on the original, and definitely made for a fun lunch :)

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Saturday, 9 March 2013

Bits and Pieces

I can't believe it is March already - is it a sign of getting old when each year seems to fly past quicker and quicker?

Every now and then I always seem to amass random photos that don't seem to make up a whole post or fit in anywhere, but I'd still like to share. So what's been happening?

Juggling work, uni, trying to fit in rock climbing and salsa AND currently in the process of moving at the moment. Crazy times! 

Luckily I've finished one of the units that required copious amounts of torturous group work. During these times, lots of baking was involved:

White chocolate and lime cake

Hummingbird cake

Rubber ducky came to visit for the Sydney Festival, and was super popular! 

Watched Legally Blonde the musical, which was a bit of fun.

Went to the multicultural festival in Canberra which conveniently coincided with Chinese New Year

I haven't been for quite a number of years so I was really impressed at how big it has grown now, there are so many interesting food stalls, and on the Saturday night, they had a lot of great performances (plenty of salsa and bachata!)

Of course, I spied the dutch pancake stall and had to get some

Went to Dream Cuisine and picked up a healthy supply of macarons and this amazing blueberry tart

Tried to get in some exercise whilst I was there after all the indulging

Mt Painter

Had some fabulous cocktails at the Victoria Room for a friend's birthday

Zumbo macarons - thanks K! There was a special edition flavour 

Valentines Day - a dozen roses and the sweetest card from the lovely boyfriend

I really wasn't expecting to receive anything since we had planned a casual dinner later anyway, and the day passed with nothing. I started packing my stuff to leave for the day and one of the guys come with this giant box, and literally 2 minutes later I get a phone call asking if I'd received anything - he had been trying to follow up all day and was worried because he still hadn't heard anything (and most likely knew that I was probably going to be a slacker and leave at 4:30pm on the dot haha)

sweet vday pressie from one of the girls at work

Managed to have an indulgent brekky at Flour and Stone:

This was the day that it ended up pouring up with torrential rain, so ended up stuck at Flour and Stone for the morning, which was quite nice. We went through a couple of pots of tea and watched the rain.

Went to Tropfest - the weather held out and it was a lovely day, thoroughly enjoyed all the films!

Went for a crazy trip to the Blue Mountains even though it was storming - made for awesome waterfall shots!

So far 2013 went off with a shaky start but been pretty awesome :)