Saturday, 9 March 2013

Bits and Pieces

I can't believe it is March already - is it a sign of getting old when each year seems to fly past quicker and quicker?

Every now and then I always seem to amass random photos that don't seem to make up a whole post or fit in anywhere, but I'd still like to share. So what's been happening?

Juggling work, uni, trying to fit in rock climbing and salsa AND currently in the process of moving at the moment. Crazy times! 

Luckily I've finished one of the units that required copious amounts of torturous group work. During these times, lots of baking was involved:

White chocolate and lime cake

Hummingbird cake

Rubber ducky came to visit for the Sydney Festival, and was super popular! 

Watched Legally Blonde the musical, which was a bit of fun.

Went to the multicultural festival in Canberra which conveniently coincided with Chinese New Year

I haven't been for quite a number of years so I was really impressed at how big it has grown now, there are so many interesting food stalls, and on the Saturday night, they had a lot of great performances (plenty of salsa and bachata!)

Of course, I spied the dutch pancake stall and had to get some

Went to Dream Cuisine and picked up a healthy supply of macarons and this amazing blueberry tart

Tried to get in some exercise whilst I was there after all the indulging

Mt Painter

Had some fabulous cocktails at the Victoria Room for a friend's birthday

Zumbo macarons - thanks K! There was a special edition flavour 

Valentines Day - a dozen roses and the sweetest card from the lovely boyfriend

I really wasn't expecting to receive anything since we had planned a casual dinner later anyway, and the day passed with nothing. I started packing my stuff to leave for the day and one of the guys come with this giant box, and literally 2 minutes later I get a phone call asking if I'd received anything - he had been trying to follow up all day and was worried because he still hadn't heard anything (and most likely knew that I was probably going to be a slacker and leave at 4:30pm on the dot haha)

sweet vday pressie from one of the girls at work

Managed to have an indulgent brekky at Flour and Stone:

This was the day that it ended up pouring up with torrential rain, so ended up stuck at Flour and Stone for the morning, which was quite nice. We went through a couple of pots of tea and watched the rain.

Went to Tropfest - the weather held out and it was a lovely day, thoroughly enjoyed all the films!

Went for a crazy trip to the Blue Mountains even though it was storming - made for awesome waterfall shots!

So far 2013 went off with a shaky start but been pretty awesome :)


The Fett said...

Of the Zumbo Macarons, what was the first (top) one? I know all the others.

Sherrie Huang said...

Those dutch pancakes look amazingly good!!

Vivian - vxdollface said...

whoa whoa whoa!! such an awesome shot of the waterfall! hehe you look so cute in the legally blonde pic :)

milkteaxx said...

looks like you had an awesome start to 2013! and omg the macarons look good! special edition too! lucky. and 2013 is going by way too fast... half way thru march already?!?!

Helen (Grab Your Fork) said...

Looks like a delicious start to the year to me! And the scenery at Mt Painter is simply stunning.

Tina @ bitemeshowme said...

Can't believe we're half way through march.. slow down 2013!!

missklicious said...

The Fett- it was a Chinese New Year special, pomelo and tangerine!

Sherrie - they are always my must-have at the markets :)

Viv- it was a crazy day and the falls were so full! It was surreal standing right next to it! Thanks lovely :)

milkteaxx - tell me about it!! Hehe it's going crazy fast

Helen - Canberra has some beautiful hiking spots and scenery!

Tina - agreed!!

Wengie said...

Omg you’re making me hungry, it looks so yummy!
Much love,