Saturday, 16 March 2013

Mejico - Pitt Street, Sydney

Mexican food seems to be the latest craze in Sydney, with endless options available around town. The latest offering being Mejico, a bar and restaurant located on Pitt street, right next to Jamie's Italian.

We visit on a Wednesday night and the place is quite busy with a nice buzz to it. It's a place where you can feel free to just grab a drink and lounge in the bar area with some nibbles or have a full meal in the restaurant area. We haven't made a booking, so are offered a seat at the bar instead, which turns out to be even better as we are entertained and served by one of the best bartenders all night!

Mejico also house an impressive list of tequila, in addition to the tempting cocktail list. 

One thing that caught my eye and was noted as a must order was the guacamole.

Market fresh guacamole

All the ingredients are brought over to your table, explained in detail and then combined by the wait staff. The staff are passionate and go in-depth with the description, even making sure you aren't allergic to any of the ingredients beforehand.

Avocado, spanish onion, lime juice, served with golden plaintain chips

Another advantage of sitting at the bar is this view of the guacamole preperation station, they were pumping these out like crazy!

Delicious freshly made guacamole - you can really taste the difference. I really enjoyed this, especially paired with the crunchy plaintain chips. 

Devil's advocate - Havana club blanco, lychee, grapefruit and campari

Shredded kingdom - Tromba blanco, grapefruit, coconut, cranberry

Our starting cocktails are lovely and fruity, going down well with our starter.

Of course, we couldn't go past trying some tequila too:

A nice accompaniment to the tequila - something different to your average salt and lemon!

Bloody Mary

The drinks keep flowing on this 'school night' as the bartender is so much fun and keeps making fabulous sounding recommendations, the temptation is too much!

The Pornstar martini

This cocktail was packed full of vodka, passionfruit and vanilla, with the name very apt as the passionfruit also houses a shot of tequila which is then set on fire. This was one amazing drink!

Hiramasa kingfish ceviche

With ruby grapefruit, watermelon, pepitas, radish and charred chilli flakes

These little bite sized pieces were refreshing, with the chilli adding a nice punch to it.

Glazed pork ribs - chipotle chilli marinade, blackened corn and polenta chips

Sweet, sticky and addictive. The menu says 'worth the mess, even on a first date' and I think I'd have to agree! (not that I was on a date anyway)

Agave-glazed caramel fudge - vanilla biscuit base, cinnamon and citrus mousse

A nice sweet touch to end the meal. The fudge is quite rich and was balanced out well by the other elements on the plate.

Pina pie

Of course, I couldn't go past the offer of a lovely sounding dessert cocktail from our awesome bartender - this creation is best described as a cross between a warm apple pie cocktail and eggnog. The warm creaminess is nicely countered with the tartness of the green apple. 

I wasn't really sure what to expect as there are so many mexican places around, but I have to say that I love the emphasis on the fresh produce here. The portions are small, but I personally didn't find it to be an issue, unlike some of the reviews I've read. 

The amazing service from the friendly and vibrant staff really made the night. Definitely worth a try :)

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Sherrie Huang said...

I love cocktails! These ones sound so particularly awesome and I'm eyeing those glazed ribs which look sooo good!!

Nic@diningwithastud said...

Those cocktails look soo good! I love that they make the guacamole in front of you. Sometimes you can tell when it's been sitting there a while so that's great.

Missy Piggy said...

I'm hoping this place is open for lunch as we're hoping to go tomorrow. I LOVE LOVE LOVE plantain chips....LOVE them!

missklicious said...

Sherrie - absolutely loved the bartender here! and the ribs were delish!

nic - totally agree, I think making it fresh is a fab idea!

miss Piggy - enjoy!! the plaintain chips were really good.

Shanshan Lam said...

You picked quite a few good dishes! Great tip for sitting at the bar as well - i love how you get to see all the action happening. it is one of my favourite things about dining at a bar