Thursday, 28 March 2013

Singapore Shoik food truck - Sydney

As soon as I heard that the Singapore Shoik food truck would be near my work, at Harmony Park in Surry Hills, I knew I'd have to go there for lunch.

The very colourful Singapore Shiok truck - unfortunately some of the items had sold out when I arrived at 12:30pm, it was really popular and they were overwhelmed. 


Tasty fresh spring rolls with shredded vegetables, prawns and pork. 


Nice and spicy with generous servings of chicken, the bowl seemed quite small but it was actually quite heaty and filling


The options that we missed out on (chicken curry and stingray) looked really good as well - maybe next time! The only gripe I had was the long waiting time, we waited for our order for well over half an hour, which was a bit too long.

Singapore Shiok Food Truck on Urbanspoon


Sherrie Huang said...

That is a tad long for a food truck that seems to be all about fast food :( I haven't had any experiences with food trucks yet, but they seem to be the newest fad in Sydney at the moment!

allison angel said...

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Wengie said...

I love that outfit!!
Much love,

William Parker said...
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