Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Fouratefive - Surry Hills, Sydney

It's become somewhat of a  weekend tradition for the boy and I to go out for breakfast on a Saturday- what better way to celebrate the start of the weekend? 

On this particularly rainy day, it's off to Fouratefive for a hearty brekky before heading off to the Art Gallery to check out the Archibald prize portraits. 

A latte to kick start the day

French toast

Stuffed with banana, served with maple syrup, mascarpone and rhubarb. I love the arrangement of fruit on this place, a sure fire way to brighten up the day! 

Homemade creamed corn

Topped with two perfectly cooked poached eggs, crispy bacon and organic sourdough toast.

This was perfect for the cold and rainy morning, so hearty and delicious. The eggs were just right, with the yolks oozing out. A very generous serving and I struggled to finish it.

Super tempted by the baked goods out the front, but sadly had no more room for them!

As I need more suggestions for places to go - Sydneysiders, what is your favourite place for breakfast?

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Monday, 29 April 2013

Blackflower Patisserie - Haymarket, Sydney

Always on the lookout for new dessert places, I was pretty keen to check out Blackflower Patisserie in Haymarket when it opened.

With an asian twist to the flavours, the tempting cakes have cute names like 'Sex Bomb' and 'Pac-Man'. Unfortunately, they are only until 6pm, so it's more of an afternoon tea spot rather than an after dinner dessert joint.

The dessert cabinet


Green tea and black sesame with white chocolate cake


This one was mango mousse inside, decorated with some mini macaron shells

Hamburger macaron

An adorable hamburger macaron filled with chocolate ganache. Almost too cute to eat.

Though I didn't think the cakes were spectacular, Blackflower is still a nice little spot for some asian inspired cakes and macarons - they even have a durian flavoured cake for the durian lovers out there!

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Sunday, 28 April 2013

Sparrow Gelato & Espresso - Crows Nest, Sydney

Sparrow is one of my favourite dessert spots in Sydney, luckily a stroll away whenever any sweet cravings hit! Located right in the heart of Crows Nest, it's always the default option for a post dinner visit for the great selection of gelato and even better cakes. 

Gelato selection

They have a pretty good selection on offer, with some unique specials that change frequently. On one visit we get the mojito sorbet which is so refreshing and surprisingly tastes close to the real thing.

Italian nougat gelato

Pandan & coconut lychee

 Cake selection

Banoffee pie

Strawberry custard cake

Love the cakes here, especially the strawberry custard cake - absolutely delicious! 

Lemon myrtle macaroon

Continuing my lemon myrtle obsession, I couldn't resist this lemon myrtle macaroon, though I wasn't able to fit it in and had to takeaway. It was fabulous, the right combination of chewy, crumbly and sweet. Wish I had bought a few more!

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Thursday, 25 April 2013

Black Star Pastry - Newtown, Sydney

Black Star Pastry is definitely one of my favourite places in the whole of Sydney. Located on Australia street in Newtown, it is home to the famous strawberry, watermelon and rose cake.

Every time I set foot in the store, it's indecisiveness gone wild. Surely living so far away and not visiting often enough justifies almost uttering the words 'one-of-everything-please'

Beef brisket pie

One of the best pies I've ever had with perfect flaky pastry and a hearty and flavoursome filling with big chunks of tender beef brisket. Absolutely delicious!

Sausage roll

We manage to grab a seat at the front of the store during one rainy day visit, so coffees were a very warm and welcome sustenance. 

It was a tough choice to make, but I decided to grab the pavlova and the salted caramel pannacotta to have here. My selection method was quite strategic, as I picked out all the items I wanted, or more like narrow it down to the ones I could miss out on, and based on this, chose the most delicate out of the selection to have there.

I'm so glad that this was one of my choices. From the perfect crunch of the delicate meringue to the creamy centre and the topping bursting with mango and lychee. This is easily the best tasting and prettiest pavlova I've ever had

Salted caramel pannacotta

Rich and creamy and almost too nice to eat with the glorious sheen and gold leaf. 

My take home haul
Persian fig, quince and orange cake

Love the vibrant pink from the rose, and the cake is deliciously dense. They say good things come in small packages, and that's definitely true in this case!

Pastries are awesome too. They can do no wrong.

And because I have a slight (ok, major) obsession with anything containing lemon myrtle (as K can attest to haha) I couldn't go past this beautifully light lemon myrtle chiffon cake. So good! 

Please find any excuse to visit Black Star Pastry. I know I do! Every time I visit anywhere further than the city, I always find myself wondering if it's a possibility to stop past here. (What do you mean it's nowhere near our destination? Detour!)

ETA: I made another trip over the Anzac Day holiday period (since I had the Friday off!) and picked up some more goodies:

 Pear & frangipane tart

Raspberry brulee tart

Just the sugar hit I needed to get through my assignments!

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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Rabbit Hole Bar & Restaurant - Martin Place, Sydney

This year I decided to have my birthday dinner at Rabbit Hole Bar & Restaurant because I can't go past a creative and pretty cocktail and the menu sounded tempting. 

Tucked away on Elizabeth street, near Martin Place, walk down the winding stairs (or rabbit hole!) to be greeted by a cosy little bar. A nice escape on the weekend, when it's a little quieter without the after work drink brigade that you usually get on weekdays. 

Rabbit Hole dining is modern french, with the menu created by Executive Chef Tomoyuki Usui. The creative cocktail menu is thanks to their in-house cocktail guru, Doug Laming. 

I didn't get to capture many photos on the night of my birthday, but I was lucky enough to be invited by the team at Rabbit Hole to come and visit them again. 

Obviously with a name like Rabbit hole, there's bound to be some kind of rabbit theme going on throughout the restaurant. The menus aren't spared either with cute pictures adorning the front cover.

First things first, cocktails!

Aerated Caprioska

On the night of my birthday, a dizzying array of cocktails were ordered. This pretty cocktail proved to be a hit.

Described as 'an entire cocktail of alcoholic foam. A long pour of Russian Standard Platinum starts then the protein bonds of albumen are broken with lime, denatured in a siphon and re-stablized with house-made lemongrass syrup and coconut flavours. A lime, lemongrass and coconut caprioska served with a mint crystal'.

Sounds very precise science experiment-esque, but all that matters is that it tasted fabulous.

Rabbit's Elixir

Imperia vodka shaken with freshly juiced carrot, house made coriander seed spiced honey water, orange and Fee Brother's orange bitters. It is fine strained into a martini glass.

I actually overlooked this interesting concoction during my first visit because it didn't sound appealing on paper. I had a taste of someone else's that was passed around the table and I was hooked! It was such a refreshing mix and even though it would be hard to pick, it was definitely one of my favourites of the night.

Kraken's Prey

This is another interesting cocktail. The rim is painted with squid ink and contains Licor 43, Fee Brother walnut bitters, lime and demerara syrup and fine strained. The squid ink is supposed to dissolve as you get through the drink and adds a saltiness, replacing the salted rim on a regular margarita. Very cool!

Pumpkin family with fluffy cake, caramelised puree, polenta and seeds

I knew I had to order this dish upon my return, as I had a taste of this the first time and absolutely loved it. Being one of my favourite vegetables, the pumpkin here was ridiculously sweet. 

Seared scallops, celeriac two ways & buckwheat

Scallops are always my default entree dish, you can never go wrong with big juicy scallops!

Roasted Riverine sirloin, crisp tendons & morel sauce

Blue eye cod, white miso sabayon, peas & mango salsa

Sous vide chicken breast, roast thigh, potato puree, crisp potato cubes, potato film and passionfruit

Roasted Kurobuta pork loin, bean family, lemon puree & scratchings

Doug Laming's Margarita

Spherified pearls of Souza Gold tequila and simple syrup matched with Cointreau Cavair. Finger limes add a touch of sourness, along with a small dusting of salt.

Thought this was a very fun take on the classic - taking a shot from a lime is certainly a different experience.

Texture taster

A sampler of some of the techniques used at Rabbit Hole. Visually stunning presentation. 

Alcoholic lemon jelly

Lava lamp containing spherified Cointreau Caviar

Mini caprioska foam

Start from the left and work your way through the different textures.

Strawberry mousse, compote, pink pepper & pistachio

Deconstructed smoked pineapple brulee, salted sorbet & chilli nube

Whilst the smoked pineapple brulee was very nicely presented, the flavours didn't quite do it for me. The strawberry mousse, on the other hand, was a winner. The pistachio crust gave the dish a nice crunch and paired really well with the creamy strawberry mousse.

Chocolate pop martini

Mozart Clear chocolate spirit infused with coffee beans cooked Sous Vide. What I like about this cocktail is that you can choose how you want it - white dark or milk chocolate with orange, chilli or hazelnut. Choose your own adventure!

I chose white chocolate and hazelnut. The pop comes from the rim of popping candy which added a nice touch. 

Overall, I had a really enjoyable time here - definitely well worth it for the eye catching and unique cocktails. Despite a few issues on my birthday night, such as not having my booking when we showed up, and one person's main being missed, the staff were really apologetic and offered a free cocktail and the meal to be taken off the bill for the person with the delayed meal, which I thought was excellent service.

missklicious dined as a guest of Rabbit Hole Bar & Restaurant on her second visit

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