Thursday, 25 April 2013

Black Star Pastry - Newtown, Sydney

Black Star Pastry is definitely one of my favourite places in the whole of Sydney. Located on Australia street in Newtown, it is home to the famous strawberry, watermelon and rose cake.

Every time I set foot in the store, it's indecisiveness gone wild. Surely living so far away and not visiting often enough justifies almost uttering the words 'one-of-everything-please'

Beef brisket pie

One of the best pies I've ever had with perfect flaky pastry and a hearty and flavoursome filling with big chunks of tender beef brisket. Absolutely delicious!

Sausage roll

We manage to grab a seat at the front of the store during one rainy day visit, so coffees were a very warm and welcome sustenance. 

It was a tough choice to make, but I decided to grab the pavlova and the salted caramel pannacotta to have here. My selection method was quite strategic, as I picked out all the items I wanted, or more like narrow it down to the ones I could miss out on, and based on this, chose the most delicate out of the selection to have there.

I'm so glad that this was one of my choices. From the perfect crunch of the delicate meringue to the creamy centre and the topping bursting with mango and lychee. This is easily the best tasting and prettiest pavlova I've ever had

Salted caramel pannacotta

Rich and creamy and almost too nice to eat with the glorious sheen and gold leaf. 

My take home haul
Persian fig, quince and orange cake

Love the vibrant pink from the rose, and the cake is deliciously dense. They say good things come in small packages, and that's definitely true in this case!

Pastries are awesome too. They can do no wrong.

And because I have a slight (ok, major) obsession with anything containing lemon myrtle (as K can attest to haha) I couldn't go past this beautifully light lemon myrtle chiffon cake. So good! 

Please find any excuse to visit Black Star Pastry. I know I do! Every time I visit anywhere further than the city, I always find myself wondering if it's a possibility to stop past here. (What do you mean it's nowhere near our destination? Detour!)

ETA: I made another trip over the Anzac Day holiday period (since I had the Friday off!) and picked up some more goodies:

 Pear & frangipane tart

Raspberry brulee tart

Just the sugar hit I needed to get through my assignments!

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Sherrie Huang said...

Hehe love the watermelon rose cake here :D I wan to try the pies too as they're supposedly really good! You sure looked like you enjoyed the beef brisket :P

milkteaxx said...

i love their salted caramel choc tart here and always think if it is possible to stop by there on my way to things!