Blackflower Patisserie - Haymarket, Sydney

Always on the lookout for new dessert places, I was pretty keen to check out Blackflower Patisserie in Haymarket when it opened.

With an asian twist to the flavours, the tempting cakes have cute names like 'Sex Bomb' and 'Pac-Man'. Unfortunately, they are only until 6pm, so it's more of an afternoon tea spot rather than an after dinner dessert joint.

The dessert cabinet


Green tea and black sesame with white chocolate cake


This one was mango mousse inside, decorated with some mini macaron shells

Hamburger macaron

An adorable hamburger macaron filled with chocolate ganache. Almost too cute to eat.

Though I didn't think the cakes were spectacular, Blackflower is still a nice little spot for some asian inspired cakes and macarons - they even have a durian flavoured cake for the durian lovers out there!

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the name reminds me of passionflower hehe. aaaah will have to show jason this place for the durian cake..
I've been wanting to come here for a while now! The hamburger macaron is too cute for words :D
missklicious said…
Viv - funny that because I think it's passionflower's sister restaurant. I noticed some advertising at passionflower during my last visit. Durian *shudder* haha

Sherrie - It was cute! Looked before than it tasted though :(
Such a nice little spot, I loved the envy cake, the other cakes I tried were okay!