Saturday, 6 April 2013

Fish place - Surry Hills, Sydney

One thing I love about working in Surry Hills is the endless option of awesome places to go and have lunch. One of the new kids on the block is Fish Place, which has popped up next to El Loco, which calls for a weekday lunch date with vxdollface, chocolatesuze & Ramen Raff

The shop front is quite small with a few seating options at the front, but not to worry - they've got a courtyard out the back too. 

Fish pie with a side of salad with cabbage and avocado

I was instantly tempted by the fish pie in the display and opt for that with a side salad. They offer heaps of healthy and delicious looking salad options, plus the usual naughty options too, like chips, potato salad or bake.

The fish pie is comfort food at it's best - so creamy and I can see myself getting this frequently to get myself through the chilly winter months.

Hot smoked salmon with a side of potato salad

Had a taste of this and loved the intense smoky flavour.

Smoked ocean trout with a side of potato bake

Battered fish with a side of pea mash

Side of chips

The courtyard out the back is a good option if the sun is shining, though I think come winter time, I'll be taking the inside option or taking my lunch back to the office. 

Service is super friendly and quick, and during my latest visit, I spotted some fresh young coconuts in the fridge too - score! 

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chocolatesuze said...

how amazing is this place? been back a couple of times and it's always been delicious!

Rachi said...

WOW! That smoked salmon and trout look incredible! I used to live and work in Surry Hills before I moved down to the 'berra and gosh I miss that Surry Hills life! I might just have to live vicariously through you from now on! :)

missklicious said...

suze- it's on my list of default lunch options now!

Rachi- It's such a fab area to work in, we are spoilt for choice when it comes to places to eat!