Sunday, 7 April 2013

Leura Garage - Leura, Katoomba

After a crazy road trip in the torrential rains to the Blue Mountains, getting extremely wet and snapping some awesome shots of Wentworth Falls, it was time to find somewhere to take refuge and have some lunch. 

Leura Garage looked warmed and inviting so we ventured in for some warmth in the funky warehouse-like garage space.

Since it was quite late in the afternoon, we were limited to the share plates, salads or pizzas. 

Warm heirloom vegetables

A delicious mixture of roasted vegetables with grilled Chevre and roasted honey walnuts.

Mozzarella and basil pizza 

Such a simple combination, but always good! Leura Garage's version is very crispy, though a tad oily.

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chocolatesuze said...

argh i had a dream about margarita pizza and need one even more now!

ChopinandMysaucepan said...

Dear Karen,

I walked pass this place when I was last in the Blue Mountains but I didn't try the food. Loved the tyres and exhaust pipes used as decorations though.

missklicious said...

suze- haha I always have cravings for food after dreaming about them too!

chopinandmysaucepan- We basically went here because it was absolutely pouring and it looked like the only decent place in the near vicinity. Turned out pretty good!