Sparrow Gelato & Espresso - Crows Nest, Sydney

Sparrow is one of my favourite dessert spots in Sydney, luckily a stroll away whenever any sweet cravings hit! Located right in the heart of Crows Nest, it's always the default option for a post dinner visit for the great selection of gelato and even better cakes. 

Gelato selection

They have a pretty good selection on offer, with some unique specials that change frequently. On one visit we get the mojito sorbet which is so refreshing and surprisingly tastes close to the real thing.

Italian nougat gelato

Pandan & coconut lychee

 Cake selection

Banoffee pie

Strawberry custard cake

Love the cakes here, especially the strawberry custard cake - absolutely delicious! 

Lemon myrtle macaroon

Continuing my lemon myrtle obsession, I couldn't resist this lemon myrtle macaroon, though I wasn't able to fit it in and had to takeaway. It was fabulous, the right combination of chewy, crumbly and sweet. Wish I had bought a few more!

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My my all those cakes! And what a delicious sounding array of gelato :D
Milktea Eats said…
those cakes looks really good!
Unknown said…
You just know this question's going to be asked - how does it compare to Messina?
missklicious said…
Sherrie & milkteaxx - The cakes are pretty good!

Michael Shen - I have to be honest and say that it's hard to compare as messina is damn good, but can be a bit hit and miss depending on the flavour you choose. Sparrow generally has more pedestrian flavours but I think they are quite consistently good and I like the local vibe and friendly, personal service (plus they have cakes, it's less busy and there's ample seating!)
Anonymous said…
Simplesmente delicia!