Sunday, 23 June 2013

Three Bags Full Cafe - Richmond, Melbourne

The best things come when you least expect it. 

This is especially true when during our last visit to Melbourne, we stumble across this fabulous cafe in Richmond, Three Bags Full, offering fresh house made produce and a seriously tempting breakfast menu. 

The place is buzzing on the weekend, though luckily we don't have to wait that long for a table.

Three bags full menu

I always have a dilemma when ordering breakfast - sweet or savoury? The ideal situation is when someone is willing to share one of each with me. When that doesn't happen, I am usually swayed towards the sweet option.

Can't start the day properly without a caffeine fix, and the coffee here is very good (lucky Melbournians!) 

Vegie breaky

My vego friend gets the vegetarian breakfast which includes eggs, tomato, spinach, avo and relish on toast.

Twice baked french toast

I am super pleased with my choice - twice baked french toast with peach, creme patisserie and almonds.  Please do yourself a huge favour and order this, it's absolutely amazing!

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Thursday, 20 June 2013

Devon Cafe - Surry Hills, Sydney

My new favourite place to brunch is the new kid on the block, Devon Cafe. Located a hop, skip and jump away from Central station, it's breathed new life into the lower end of Devonshire street.

The kitchen includes former sous chef from Bistro Guillaume, and the menu is impressive.

The cafe itself is casual, with the front of the cafe decked out with a beechwood table and chairs. Out the back is more seating in a space that has more of a garage/warehouse feel.

There is also an array of tempting baked goods on the counter. I'm always so tempted by those amazing looking peanut butter muffins. One day!

My first visit turns out to be just for a coffee as I arrive during the kitchen close time between 11:30am and noon. My second lunch here is with a bunch of work colleagues, hence no photos but we all enjoyed our pastas immensely.

The breakfast menu looks mighty tempting, and that weekend, I suggest it for a morning catch up with a friend.


The Whole Nine Yards

2 eggs cooked 63', streaky bacon, roasted trussed tomatoes, sausage, wilted spinach and toast

A hearty breakfast with some fresh, tasty produce, especially enjoyed the 63' eggs which reminded me a lot of the Japanese onsen eggs. 

Little Lost Bread

PB & J brioche french toast with banana, nutella, jam and peanut butter ice cream

Oh.My.God. This was all sorts of amazing, between the peanut butter and jelly brioche, and the ridiculously good ice cream, NUTELLA, and the little bits of praline/peanut brittle. Please do yourself a favour and order this. Preferably make your other half or dining companion order something savoury to balance it out. 

Devon also stocks a variety of Rabbit Hole teas - I go for the lavender green which is very nice. Perfect end to the meal, and the pot lasts forever, which is a great for an extended brunch catch up.

My most recent visit is for some lunch and we start with some of the juices in a jar:



Although I am mighty tempted to order the spanner crab pasta again, one of the specials on the board catches my eye and sounds too fabulous to pass up on.

Crispy pork belly

Did someone mention pork belly? Sold. Devon's version includes indulgent celeriac gratin, apple puree and jus.

Spanner crab pasta

Handmade pasta, blue swimmer crab, cherry tomato and garlic

This is absolutely heavenly - light handmade pasta with fresh, sweet crab meat. This appears to be their signature dish and I can definitely see why.

A very welcome addition to Surry Hills and I foresee many more future visits! 

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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Me & Mrs Jones - Kingston, Canberra

On a recent trip to Canberra for a belated Mother's Day visit, with the boy in tow, I was surprised to see how many new places have popped up everywhere.

One of these is Me & Mrs Jones, located on the corner of Giles and Kennedy street in Kingston.

The fit out of the restaurant takes you back to the 1920's with a vintage feel to it. We brave the cold wintery weather for an early breakfast. The place is packed and we just manage to grab some seats at the communal table. 


Grilled tortilla wrap filled with scrambled eggs, roast corn, black beans and guacamole

A simple but tasty dish. I always think that the addition of corn and avocado enhances any dish. 


Buttermilk pancakes, seasonal berries, sour cream gelati and vanilla bean syrup

Deliciously fluffy pancakes with the sinful addition of gelato. The only letdown in this dish was that the berries were soggy. 


The poached egg is cooked perfectly and I like the addition of swiss chard, though the fritters were average.

Me & Mrs Jones is on the pricier end for breakfast. We used a entertainment book voucher so the bill wasn't too bad, but I'm not sure I think it's good value without the discount.

Went for a mini Canberra tourist run afterward to the Australian Mint, Glassworks, Old Bus Depot Markets, Cockington Green, and the Dinosaur Museum (phew!)

The Australian Mint

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Monday, 17 June 2013

Lynn Shanghai - Castlereagh St, Sydney CBD

Lynn Shanghai is hidden away on Castlereagh street and is conveniently located and affordable venue to get your Shanghainese food fix.

The menu is fairly extensive, with the usual offerings such as noodles and dumplings.

Baked sesame pockets with minced chicken, vegetables and pinenuts

Loved this dish with the crispy sesame pockets. You simply grab a pocket and spoon in the delicious filling, as much or as little as you want. I tend to overfill mine! Luckily, the pockets are wide open and very easy to fill up.

Shanghai style stir fried noodles with shredded pork and vegetables

These are my staple noodle order whenever I go to a Shanghainese place - they never fail to disappoint!

Sauteed garden beans, bamboo shoots and pork mince

Another one of my favourite dishes and a nice way to sneak some vegetables in.

Dan dan noodles

Soy bean milk

Lynn Shanghai also does a range of dessert, including some cute panda buns to rival the piggy buns at Chef's Gallery.

Deep fried ice cream

Steamed pumpkin, pastry dumplings filled with lotus paste

Not a bad choice for some decent Shanghainese food in the city when you don't feel like queuing up at some of the busier places. 

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Thursday, 13 June 2013

Mexico Food & Liquor - Surry Hills, Sydney

As per the latest trend of mexican food, Mexico Food & Liquor is one of the newcomers in Surry Hills. Located  in Randle lane, Mexico is where District Dining used to be. 

The restaurant has a very colourful feel to it and the staff are very friendly - enthusiastic about the menu and full of recommendations.

I came for a weekday lunch back when it first opened, the place filled up quite quickly.

Mexico food menu

Mexico drinks menu - unfortunately it was work time so no tequila!

Loved the touch of fresh, pretty yellow flowers on our table.

We did order a virgin cocktail, but it just wasn't the same...

Prawn, smoked paprika, chilli & orange with corn salsa

A very generous portion with delicious flavours. We could barely finish this! Loved the addition of corn salsa on the side. 

Crab tosaditas, almond & green onion mojo, lime, cucumber & grape

This was my favourite. Fresh crab with the zingy flavour of lime, and refreshing cucumber. I wanted more of these!

Definitely a place to go for some after work dinner, since it's such a convenient location, and knock back a tequila or two.

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