Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Me & Mrs Jones - Kingston, Canberra

On a recent trip to Canberra for a belated Mother's Day visit, with the boy in tow, I was surprised to see how many new places have popped up everywhere.

One of these is Me & Mrs Jones, located on the corner of Giles and Kennedy street in Kingston.

The fit out of the restaurant takes you back to the 1920's with a vintage feel to it. We brave the cold wintery weather for an early breakfast. The place is packed and we just manage to grab some seats at the communal table. 


Grilled tortilla wrap filled with scrambled eggs, roast corn, black beans and guacamole

A simple but tasty dish. I always think that the addition of corn and avocado enhances any dish. 


Buttermilk pancakes, seasonal berries, sour cream gelati and vanilla bean syrup

Deliciously fluffy pancakes with the sinful addition of gelato. The only letdown in this dish was that the berries were soggy. 


The poached egg is cooked perfectly and I like the addition of swiss chard, though the fritters were average.

Me & Mrs Jones is on the pricier end for breakfast. We used a entertainment book voucher so the bill wasn't too bad, but I'm not sure I think it's good value without the discount.

Went for a mini Canberra tourist run afterward to the Australian Mint, Glassworks, Old Bus Depot Markets, Cockington Green, and the Dinosaur Museum (phew!)

The Australian Mint

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milkteaxx said...

love the stiars of the australian mint!

Missy Piggy said...

We went to this cafe when we were in Canberra a few weeks ago as I remembered you tweeted about it. I loved it, though it was SO crowded! Loved the fit out.

Sherrie Huang said...

The pancakes look awesome! Who doesn't love berries with pancakes? :D