Ho Mei - Surry Hills, Sydney

Edited on the 14th of Oct 2013

Ho Mei is an asian tapas restaurant located on Waterloo street, which is also home for other fabulous joints such as Izakaya Fujiyama and Orto Trading Co. Ho Mei directly translate to delicious in cantonese, and this spot, opened in 2012, offers some tasty contemporary Chinese dishes.

The menu is focused on tapas dishes, starting with light and smaller dishes at the top, progressively getting to more substantial dishes as you work your way down the menu.

Apple lychee mojito

This mojito hits the spot for a thank-goodness-it's-Friday-after-work tipple.

Watermelon iced tea

The boy opts for a non-alcoholic iced tea. I sneak a sip and its very refreshing, packed full of diced fruit.

Grilled scallops with XO sauce

Love that the scallops are served in individual spoons - makes it easy to eat!

Fish san choi bao

Served in tom yum soup

Points for creativity, but this did not quite hit the spot and wasn't quite what we were expecting. Was not a fan of the cooked lettuce as it was soggy. I think this dish would have been nicer if they kept it as raw lettuce cups and incorporated the tom yum flavour in the filling instead.

Duck pancakes

Luckily, these duck pancakes were tasty and satisfied my peking duck craving.

Warm aubergine salad with soy and sesame dressing

Crispy morsels of eggplant tossed with slices of cucumber and a kick of chilli.

Tempura soft shell crab and grapefruit coconut salad

The crab was perfectly deep fried and the salad had some really lovely flavours - tartness from the grapefruit mixed with fragrant coconut.

On a second lunch visit here, we tried a couple of new dishes:

Ma po tofu

Really enjoyed Ho Mei's rendition of this traditional dish, with it's fresh flavours, silken tofu and spicy kick.

Chinese mushrooms & vegetables

A generous serving of hearty mushrooms and vegetables to balance it all out.

A pretty cool concept and a nice little spot for dinner, though its on the pricey side for the type of food you get. 

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Pooja Mittal said…
Nice post..
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Oh I've been wondering about this place! That mojito looks huge! The aubergine salad sounds delish
Have been curious about Ho Mei since it opened. It seems to offer a diverse range of dishes. The soft shell crab salad sounds so tropical!
missklicious said…
Viv - The mojito was pretty nice! It was yum, though I wish I had ordered dishes to balance out the fried stuff!

Helen - I quite like the idea of asian tapas, means I can pig out more on a variety of dishes!