Miss Peaches - Newtown, Sydney

It seems as though Sydney cannot get enough of soul food and Miss Peaches, located in the always buzzing Newtown, is the latest offering.

The entrance is lit up by a neon sign, enter and follow the spiral staircase up to the bar. There's a nice little outdoor area, and we are early so we get a pick of a seat right opposite the kitchen area. The place fills up quickly, and soon there are no seats left.

Menus are on every table and it is typical bar ordering - figure out what you want, order drinks and food at the counter and in turn, they give you a table number.

Service is quick and we start getting our food mere moments later.

Watermelon fizz & ginger beer

We stick to non-alcoholic drinks as it's a school night. The ginger beer packs a ginger punch, and I can barely manage a few sips before my throat starts burning.  

Smothered pork chops

From the specials board, this is our second choice as the ribs are not available. Smothered pork chops are a classic southern dish with the pork chops covered in a gravy. It would have been nice to have something to soak up all the sauce.

Fried chicken

The fried chicken pieces are a bit of a disappointment as the chicken was dry.

Crawfish pies

These remind me of curry puffs and they were delicious, though the crawfish was unidentifiable. 

Hush puppies

Deep fried morsels that would go very well with drinks. These were my favourite out of all the dishes that we ordered.

Miss Peaches is quite a funky bar with live music and a great vibe, but the food is nothing special. The menu features mostly deep fried dishes and are more of an accompaniments to the drinks, more than anything else. 

Definitely recommend going for drinks and a snack rather than dinner.

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retrodaze said…
Shame about the food, the venue looks very cute though!
Dang, looks like this place had so much potential :(
Joan said…
Disappointing! I'm glad I read this as my friend was considering going dinner for her birthday there but now we definitely won't!
Dear Karen,

I'm not a fan of Newtown coz it's a grungy place and restaurants there can really be a hit and miss affair.
Tina said…
Oh, such a shame about the crawfish. That's one part of US cuisine I'm dying to have.
There is nothing sadder in this world than dry fried chicken :(
what was in the hush puppies? are they like chicken nuggets? reallly want to go here for drinks and tatter tots! lol
missklicious said…
retrodaze - It is a great venue! Would definitely return for some drinks and snack

Sherrie - It's not a bad venue, just more for drinks, I think :)

Joan - I would recommend it for drinks or a casual catch up more than a birthday dinner!

Chopin - haha, it can be like that, but I quite like the funky vibe. I think more places are hits rather than misses

Tina - I haven't tried the real deal either! These were nice, but the filling could have been anything.

Helen - I know!!

Vivian - Sort of. They were like potato gems with bits of other stuff. Tasty!