Wednesday, 25 September 2013

I Love Pho - Crows Nest, Sydney

I love pho in Crows nest is one of those local restaurants that you know will be consistently good. Another plus is that it is open fairly late (by north shore standards) and was always a favourite after walking home from a evening of rock climbing - casual enough to walk in with chalked up gym gear and not feel like a total bogan.

Decor is quite nice inside, and they often have someone playing live music out the front. There's plenty of outdoor seating for warmer nights.

Coconut juice 

Fresh coconut juice hits the spot, especially after all that climbing and walking!

Fresh rice paper rolls

Filled with a combination of prawn and pork, mixed with rice vermicelli, lettuce, pickled carrot and mint, served with hoisin sauce. These are fresh and tasty.

Crispy spring rolls

With meat, mixed with vegetables served with lettuce and fresh herbs. These are some of the crispiest spring rolls I've had.

Beef ball noodle soup


Rare beef noodle soup

Rice vermicelli with pork and spring rolls

One of my favourite dishes to order at a vietnamese restaurant since it has a little bit of everything!

Servings are generous and it's a great spot for a bite to eat if you're in the mood for vietnamese on the lower north shore area.

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Tina @ bitemeshowme said...

love anything vermicerlli but my favourite has to be the one with grilled pork! and i always love a place that sells coconut juice in its original form - the coconut!

Karen N said...

tina - me too! I'm always disappointed when they only have the frozen coconut drink