Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Caffe Rosso & Tulip Time - Bowral, Southern Highlands

Lately I've been doing the touristy rounds with a visiting family member. Last weekend we went down to Bowral for the Tulip Time festival, which is basically a smaller version of Canberra's Floriade.

Bowral, located in the Southern Highlands, is a great foodie destination with many vineyards and wineries in the surrounding areas + a whole heap of restaurants and cafes.

We opt out of the main street of Bowral, and venture to Caffe Rosso, a great little spot with Italian offerings, and a focus on fresh, quality produce.

The staff are warm friendly, and more than happy to chat, plus offer suggestions and recommendations to help you choose.

Spaghetti allo scoglio 

Perfectly al dente pasta with a medley of fresh seafood with white wine, parsley, garlic & chilli in a
light seafood sauce. Absolutely delicious! 

Pollo Del Giorno

Chicken of the day. This was a tasty version with mushrooms, broccolini and a broadbean mash.

Such a fabulous find - I will definitely be back upon my next visit to Bowral for the amazing looking pizzas and the Italian sweets, which I was too full to fit in. I spotted a delicious looking italian doughnut with my name on it! 

As for the Tulip Time? The flowers were beautiful, though it was extremely windy the day we went!

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Matthew Chan said...

bowral is such a nice and relaxing place, love heading down there!

Helen (Grab Your Fork) said...

Love the simplicity of seafood with spaghetti. And so many pretty tulips!

Karen N said...

matthew - it is such a nice place! need to do some road trips more often

Helen - this place was one of the better italian places I've tried - good quality, fresh and simple!