Saturday, 19 October 2013

MakMak Macaron Masterclass - Newtown, Sydney

As part of Good Food Month, MakMak macaron are offering a Rekorderlig and macaron masterclass. It sounded like fun, and only having ever attempted macaron making via a packet mix, wanted to see how it was done properly. 

After over ambitiously going to brunch at West Juliett, V & I quickly walked over and made it just in time for the 12pm start.

The masterclass was held by Carlos (the founder & owner of MakMak) & Daniel, who firstly went through how it all started, and what macarons should look and feel like.

We then received a sample to taste test - Smooth shell, check. Perfect feet , check. Just the right amount of filling, check!

Carlos went through the whole process, from sifting and mixing process of the icing sugar and almond meal, to adding the egg whites, colouring and how the consistency of each stage should be.

Then it was time for us to break into teams and give it a go (with some great guidance, of course!)

Getting the piping bag ready

My piped macaron shells, ready to go into the oven after some seriously whacking on the bench.

Passionfruit filling

Ta-da! So proud. Carlos boxed all our macarons for us to take home in our goodie bag filled with instructions, TPT (the sifted and combined almond meal and icing sugar), sugar thermometer and some piping bags. 

Could not resist getting some additional macarons to take home.

Overall, a fantastic and fun class. Carlos and Daniel were great, and helpful with any questions we had. MakMak make some of the best macarons, so not a bad place to learn! I still need to work up the courage to attempt this at home though.

Classes are on Saturdays in October for Good Food Month- 19th and 26th 12:00-2:00pm. 

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Sparks In Spring said...

I attemped once but sadly failed! Was so disappointed it turned out to be cake texture, but then again once I nail it I'll starting making it every weekend! x

Sparks In Spring / Stelle Nine Jewellery

Ramen Raff said...

Nice lookin' macs you got there Karen!

Lily said...

wow, that looks amazing. I've never tried making macarons before! Great work!

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Vivian - vxdollface said...

I had so much fun and I'm so glad they turned out so well hehe.. have not attempted them again at home yet.. ^^"

Sherrie Huang said...

They look amazing! Well done :D

Tina @ bitemeshowme said...

love the colour and flavour of the macs that you made! wow

Amy zhong said...

i want a mak mak macaron class! yours look amazing!

Karen N said...

thanks everyone!! it was so much fun! xx