Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Spring + Art & About

I have been loving this beautiful warm weather as of late. I think spring is definitely my favourite season - all the gorgeous flowers come into bloom, the pretty dresses and bare legs can come out of hiding once again.

These last few months have seemingly flown by and I cannot believe that it's October! 

My side study has wound down for the year since my last assessment that was at the end of August (self declared break from the ruthless 4 semesters a year with no breaks in between) Such a relief to have more spare time to just enjoy the smaller things, especially now that the weather is so nice.

Now that I'm almost always in the city, one of my favourite things to do is go for a stroll around the Botanic gardens, even better when the flowers have all come out to play!

Another favourite has been Centennial Park, and the duck pond with the fearless swans, cute ducks and pelicans. The eels not so much :P

Not really spring related, but I hadn't had a chance to post it until now - I managed to do the city2surf even though I totally lost track of training for it, and was extremely sick (ended up off work for a week!) not too bad for a first effort, and now know what to expect and train for next year!

Anyone else love these colourful snails that have popped up everywhere for the Art & About festival? I hate real life snails, but these are too bright and fun not to like!

The mirror display at Hyde Park is quite cool too!

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inNOMinate said...

Haha, I'm loving all the random snails too! First a giant duck, now giant snails...wonder what's next...giant octopus?