Thursday, 31 October 2013

West Juliett - Marrickville, Sydney

With the abundance of cafes popping up in Marrickville, I jumped at the opportunity to go and try West Juliett, as we were in the surrounding area for the Mak Mak macaron class. I'm so glad we did, as this is the loveliest cafe.

The building is an airy non-descript and open space, which I probably would have walked right past it, if not for the fact that it was teeming with people, both waiting for a table and those already enjoying a beautiful brunch in the sun on the tables outside.

Amidst the chaos, there is a system - find the girl that is taking down names for the table wait and then find a standing spot outside and you will get called when there is one available.

As you walk into the cafe, the above delightful sight greets you, with the array of sweets, including their famous pink salt chocolate chip cookie, amongst other tasty baked goodies.

West Juliett menu

As we are rushed for time, our method for deciding what to get pretty much consists of 'that sounds fab' and order. I would love to go back for a leisurely brunch and try out more of the items.

Watermelon lime mint salt slush

If you want a refreshing drink, you can't go past this icy concoction. The salt is very subtle and surprisingly enhances the flavours.


With locally roasted White Horse coffee

Soft scrambled eggs with cured salmon, sorrel, yoghurt and fennel on toast

I try a bit of miss V's scrambled eggs, and I have to say, it is flavoursome and creamy, one of the best scrambled eggs I've ever tried.

Haloumi egg roll, aioli, wilted greens and chilli marmalade

This haloumi egg roll is equally as delicious. I love the generous addition of healthy greens - lovely way to up the daily intake of veggies.

Could not resist taking away this bad boy for later. It lived up to the hype!

This is definitely one of my favourite new cafes. It is worth the lineup, which isn't so bad on a beautiful day, plus there is always the option of grabbing takeaway to enjoy in the park across the road.

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ChopinandMysaucepan said...

Dear Karen,

The food looks wholesome and honest.

A cafe which lists the origins of their fresh ingredients on the menu is one that is serious about the quality of their food.

Sherrie Huang said...

Mm fluffy scrambled eggs are the way to go! I could really go for a cookie right now after seeing that one :)

Tina @ bitemeshowme said...

i soooooooo want that cookie!

Amy zhong said...

i got here last itme to find it closed, so devo-ed!

Shanshan Lam said...

love the close up shot of the cookie! look at that salt. can't wait to cheek this place out as well!

Ellies Belly said...

omgoossh i looove West Juliett!!! HOW WAS THE COOKIE? I was almost about to get it last time but was about to head to have dessert so didnt! :(

That haloumi roll looks epic, im getting that next time hahaahahas