Sunday, 10 November 2013

Chi & Co - Canley Heights, Sydney

Chi & Co is a great little restaurant, located in Canley Heights, but would not be out of place in the Surry Hills scene.

We rock up quite early on a Sunday night so easily nab a table, though the restaurant fills up half way through our meal. 

The cuisine is best described as modern asian, with their own take on various dishes from a mixture of regions

Chi & Co cocktails

The cocktails sounded promising on paper, but were quite disappointing. My lychee based cocktail was sickly sweet, to the point where I could not drink it.

This was soon forgotten as the food started coming out.

We start off with one each of the buns on offer- chicken & beef. An excellent way to whet the appetite for the dishes to come.

Spanner crab on betel leaf

These little morsels packed a punch with pomelo, caramelised coconut, galangal and peanuts

Stuffed eggplant

Lightly fried and crisp stuffed eggplant. This was delightful and not too oily, as some stuffed eggplant at other places can be. My favourite dish of the night!

Don's stuffed chicken wings

Another favourite of the night, I always order this dish when I see it somewhere on the menu, which is not often! Chi Chi's version had a satisfying crunch and plenty of delicious filling.

Les' clay pot rice

This take on the clay pot rice included prawns, chicken, Chinese sausage, mushrooms, lily buds and fried egg, and was very hearty. I always think that chinese sausage is an essential ingredient to make any clay pot rice shine. 

Vietnamese slow braised beef (bo kho)

Another hearty dish, flavoured with chilli, star anise, lemongrass & tomato, perfect to devour with plenty of rice on the side.

Not sure how dessert was able to be fit in after all that, but we managed:

Chichi's tapioca shot 

With coconut custard, palm sugar, pomegranate and roasted sesame seeds. A good smaller dessert option for those times when you are just way too stuffed to fit in a regular sized dessert.

Kaffir lime brûlée with coconut sorbet

This lovely sounding dessert caught my eye straight away, I love anything with kaffir lime and coconut is a no brainer! Unfortunately the sorbet was very artificial tasting, which was a let down.

A bit of a trek for me, but I loved all the savoury dishes and would definitely be a regular if I were a local! 

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Sherrie Huang said...

Oooh the lime creme brulee sounds interesting indeed!

Annie said...

so many yummy dishes here!

Tina @ bitemeshowme said...

so glad you liked it! The menu has changed a bit since my first visit, but it still looks good!

Helen (Grab Your Fork) said...

So cute mini buns. And the stuffed eggplant sounds awesome!

Amy zhong said...

your blogging is on fire! this place is a bit out of the way for me but ive heard so much good stuff abt it!

Karen N said...

sherrie - kaffir lime has such a nice flavour!

annie - the savoury dishes really exceeded my expectations

tina - good excuse to pay another visit :P

helen - oh that eggplant was amazing! wish it wasn't so far away

amy - haha, I'm on a roll!