Harajuku Gyoza - Potts Point, Sydney

Christmas season has come around sooner than expected, and it's that time of the year again where catch ups and get togethers are getting more and more frequent. 

Harajuku Gyoza recently sent me a few vouchers to come try out their restaurant, located in the cross. You can hardly miss the restaurant, with the cute as a button gyoza plastered everywhere.

Harajuku Gyoza is a fun izakaya style restaurant, with a focus on beer and sake (complimented with frequent cheering and yelling!) and of course, gyoza.

Harajuku Gyoza menu

Umeshu & beer

When in Rome (or Toyko!) We grab some drinks to start with 


A great way to start off the night, though these edamame are a tad too generous with the salt.

Loved the cute plates that were all different, but all had the little wavy gyoza character on them.

Miso cucumber

A simple but so refreshing dish - I'm inspired to make this at home!


We order whole heap of gyoza, including the special lobster tail, duck & pork

My favourite was the lobster tail, followed by the pork. The duck tasted a bit too strange for my liking. 

Pork katsu don

By this point, we were enjoying the drinks and hearing all the shouting coming from the tables who had ordered sake. It's a fun atmosphere and I imagine it gets very rowdy on a Saturday night.

The pork katsu don is a generous serve and hits the spot as by this point, we were craving something a bit more substantial.

Agedashi tofu

Salted caramel gyoza with ice cream

Could not leave without trying the intriguing sounding dessert gyoza. We pick the salted caramel ones, and they are freshly deep fried and crisp. Seriously rich salted caramel meant that we could only really eat the tiniest amount. The vanilla ice cream was a very welcome addition.

Overall, a great little place to grab a few plates with drink, expect casual, fun and loud!

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Unknown said…
this place is uber cute! i can't to check it out just for its cuteness and dumprings of course!
cute new layout k ;)
i still need to get around to trying this place. Its just so far for me!
Milktea Eats said…
this place is adorable!
Looks like such a fun place! The pork katsudon looks so tasty!
I've walked past so many times, I really need to pop in for a feed - lobster tail gyoza, yum!! I can imagine the salted caramel inside would be piping hot, no?