Thursday, 6 February 2014

Bay Tandoori - Waverton, Sydney

Bay Tandoori is a consistently great Indian restaurant in Waverton. Even after trying this place a dozen times or so, I had never actually dined in - always opting for convenient takeaway instead. 

Complimentary pappadums and mint yoghurt dip

These are a welcome distraction during the wait for the entrees and mains to come out, especially if you're starving!

Mango lassi

Cauliflower fritters

Cannot go past the crisp fritters for a starter. I always find that the crunch of the butter goes extremely well with cauliflower.

Garlic naan

Fragrant with a generous amount of garlic, these are put to good use in mopping up all the delicious curry sauce.

Vegetable korma

Butter chicken

A bit pedestrian, but these are usually my two 'go to' choices when I have Indian. I do have to say though that the takeaway sizes seem to be a bit bigger than the dine-in dishes, perhaps restricted due to their small serving dishes.

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Helen (Grab Your Fork) said...

Lovelovelove cauliflower fritters and I think that's the prettiest mango lassi I've ever seen!

Karen N said...

It was! They totally fancied up the lassi