Sunday, 2 February 2014

Chinese New Year high tea - Lobby Lounge, Shangri-La

Happy year of the Horse 2014! 

Last week my mum was in town, and we had an early celebration with a nice stroll to the Rocks for high tea at the Shangri-La

As most of you know, The Lobby Lounge is home of the amazing pastry chef, Anna Polyviou. I was super excited to check out this special Chinese New Year high tea, as I knew the desserts would be spectacular. This high tea is only available between 25th January - 2nd February, meaning today is the last day!

Chinese new year high tea

We sat down on a comfy lounge and perused over the tea menu, deciding upon an interesting sounding 'lychee rose & almond' black tea and the 'peach' black tea. Both were very fragrant and paired well with the high tea.

Dessert tier

My eyes went straight to the impressive dessert tier. Everything looked amazing! Where to start?

Savoury tier

The savoury tier consisted of barramundi spring rolls, with sweet chilli sauce; dumplings; pork belly buns and pork ear san choy bow. To be honest, I was not enamoured by the savouries, as these items, more so the spring rolls and dumplings, are best eaten hot and freshly made, which isn't always possible with high tea. 

Custard buns & sticky rice and mango crepes

The highlight of this tier was definitely the delicate mango crepes. Fresh pieces of mango, paired with fragrant coconut sticky rice, all neatly tucked into a crepe.

After tucking into some of the savouries, I was more than eager to try out the desserts, and they certainly did not disappoint!

Coconut dacquoise, lemon curd & pineapple marinated in coriander and ginger

I really enjoyed the refreshing citrus flavours, paired with the coconut dacquoise. The coriander and ginger flavours were very subtle.

Caramelised white chocolate mousse, apple & lime jelly, sesame crunch, coconut and kaffir lime tapioca, pearls and red bean mousse dome.

This was the prettiest dessert, with all the layers mixing to provide a heavenly combination of flavours. 

Matcha macaron with toasted pandan marshmallow buttercream

Adored the cute presentation of this macaron in a tea bag.

Rose petal, raspberry and lychee millefeuille

If I had to pick a favourite dessert (and that's quite a hard decision!) then it would probably be this stunning millefeuille. The combination of the crisp pastry and flavours of the rose, lychee and raspberry were a perfect match. 

Overall, an impressive high tea based on the sweets. During my visit, I caught a glimpsed of the chocolate high tea which I've ear-marked for a future visit! 

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Vivian - vxdollface said...

oooh I've been wondering what the cny high tea was like! she is such an amazing pastry chef!

Sara @ Belly Rumbles said...

What a great high tea. I will have to try and get there before it finishes.

Sherrie @ Crystal Noir said...

The desserts look incredibly pretty!

Helen (Grab Your Fork) said...

Such a clever idea. And I'm a huge fan of millefeuille. Rose, raspberry and lychee would be an awesome combo for this dessert!

Amy zhong said...

what an amazing spread! wish i got to check it out!

Joan said...

I'm so disappointed I didn't know about this and missed out! It sounds like it was fabulous!

Stephanie Tang said...

Waaah :'( Why do I always miss out on good things. Looks freaking amazing !!!!!!!

Stephanie Tang said...
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