Pho Pasteur - Haymarket, Sydney

High on my rotation of places to eat for a quick and relatively healthy meal is Pho Pasteur in Haymarket. A no-frills Vietnamese restaurant on George Street which always seems to be packed. 

Grilled beef & spring roll with vermicelli

Pork chop special broken rice with egg

Grilled pork with vermicelli

It's nothing fancy and the seating can be cramped, but the meals are always tasty and fresh. Definitely one of my favourite go-to places when I'm feeling too lazy to cook, especially love the vermicelli combinations!

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i love vietnamese food, always find it not as heavy and rather refreshing, esp if you get the vermicelli dishes! (no bias here i promise :P)
ChocolateSuze said…
im always fascinated with the broken rice, it's just so addictive!
Annie said…
love the pho at pho pasteur but haven't tried the other dishes yet. might give the grilled beef and spring roll with vermicelli a go - looks really delicious
Dear Karen,

I love pho too much to try any other Vietnamese dishes and the only pho I eat is at An restaurant so I never get to go to any other Vietnamese restaurants.