Friday, 28 March 2014

Fuku Restaurant Sake & Wine Bar - World Square, Sydney

Fuku, located upstairs at World Square, is my new go-to local Japanese. The food is nice, staff are always super friendly and the portions are large. 

Fireworks roll

Tempura prawn roll with seared tuna, salmon, kingfish and scallop with fish roe

We order this as a filler dish in case our mains weren't enough - we shouldn't have worried, as the bento and set were massive! I love the variety that this sushi roll brings, with the different seared fish.

Pork tonkatsu and udon set

Love the side dishes that come with the set, including lotus root chips and edamame. 

I opt for this kiwi mojito to celebrate the end of the working week. It is fruity, though not very alcoholic.

Salmon teriyaki bento

 This also comes with rice and miso soup. I cannot get enough of the lotus root chips and creamy eggplant. There is a small container of fruit and some kind of strawberry syrup - I'm not quite sure if it is supposed to be dessert, or to have with the fruit?

Overall, a nice little hidden gem if you're craving for Japanese (as I so often do!)

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Monday, 24 March 2014

Birthday treats

Yesterday was my birthday, and the sun came out to play for a beautiful brunch at The Boathouse at Balmoral beach. I had started celebrations on the Friday with a spectacular lunch at Nomad, dance classes and a nice long walk (prepping myself for the Oxfam 100km trailwalker!) around the harbour on Sat, followed by home cooked dinner by the boy on Saturday night,  and then went out dancing so it was a pretty damn good weekend!

Croissant french toast

The french toast naturally had my name written all over it, and it went down a treat with a side of strawberries and banana. 

Then I felt super spoilt when this amazing cake came out!! Thank you Lily, Viv, Julz, Ayana, Shan <3 p="">

The Boathouse did a fabulous job with plating this cake up - it looked spectacular. 

Such a lovely location for a casual brunch by the water - definitely recommend getting in early to get a table, especially for larger groups.

Best birthday ever. My favourite present would have to be from B, who proposed after midnight, on the morning of my birthday:

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Surry Hills weekday lunches

Working in Surry Hills means that there are a ridiculous amount of lunch options within walking distance. I am seriously spoilt for choice, and here are some of my regular lunches and recommendations for the area:

For something a bit different, I sometimes check out the Sydney Food Trucks website to see if any are in the area. Veggie Patch Van will be parked in Belmore Park for lunch occasionally, which is a short walk from work.

Veggie Patch van

Zucchini burger

A nice patty made with zucchini, chickpeas and feta, served with caramelised onion, beetroot relish, dill, mayo and homemade ketchup. Not a bad choice for a healthy burger option, though hard to guess when they might be in the area.

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Classic vietnamese

A popular lunch time option, which can often lead to a decent queue during lunch peak hour. This pork baguette is served with pickled carrot, radish, cucumber, spring onion, coriander and soy dressing. Super tasty and filling!

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Roast beef with onion rings

For those with a bit more leisure time at lunch, Single Origin is a great option to sit down and grab a bite to eat. There is also a coffee sideshow and I often swing past in the morning to grab my coffee.

Toasted banana bread with coffee butter

This banana bread is out of the best I've tasted, and the coffee butter adds a beautiful caramelised flavour. 

One thing that I can never resist when getting my morning coffee are the gorgeous seasonal muffins on display, I've had a fair few over the past year or two:

Strawberry & yoghurt

Blueberry & cream cheese

Banana & passionfruit

Do yourself a favour and get one of these delicious, freshly baked muffins!

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Pork belly sandwich

Devon Cafe is a further walk, but always worth it for something a bit more special. Crisp pork crackling always goes down a treat.

Banana and nutella muffin

This muffin is a meal in it's own right, super rich and decadent, loaded with banana and lashings of nutella. Fabulous!

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Roasted vege sandwich

If it's sandwiches you're after for lunch, The Sandwich Shop is a great little hole in the wall on Albion street. This sandwich is chock full of delicious roasted vegetables, including favourites like zucchini and pumpkin. This is my favourite sandwich, tying in with the chicken schnitzel. 

They also do a great chicken, vegetable & quinoa soup during winter too.

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Another favourite is Fish Place, famous for their fresh fish and healthy side salads. 

Smoked ocean trout with side potato salad

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Mad pan brekkie 

Boston beans, spiced pork sausage, hash brown, poached egg and roast sweet onion

Mad Spuds cafe offer some heartier options for those winter months, such as baked jacket potatoes.

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If giant sandwiches and value for money is your thing, then head to Malibu sandwiches, located in an alleyway on Foster street. It's a tiny store front, with a constant queue out the door - best get in early! The sandwiches are simple, but the sandwich ingredients have a homemade touch. 

My chicken, vege and avocado. It is a monstrous sandwich, basically the size of my head. You can pretty much halve it and split it between two lunches.

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Surry Hills is spoilt when it comes to thai options, one of my favourite lunch options that I keep going back to is Shortgrain canteen - the casual, lunch-time tuckshop of Longrain restaurant. 

Fresh, light flavours never fail to impress.

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Monday, 10 March 2014

Batch Burgers & Espresso - Kirribilli, Sydney

Burgers were the order of the night during a recent visit to the neighbourhood of Kirribilli. Batch Burgers & Espresso is a hub of activity in the fairly quiet suburb. 

The restaurant screams American diner, from it's shiny red decor to the menu with burger and hot dog options aplenty. We arrive during a busy period so wait around 15 minutes for some tables to vacate.

Orders seem to be more of the takeaway variety as seating is limited to two tables outside and the bar seating counter.  

Batch stocks a variety of American soft drinks such as A&W root beer

I opt for the tempting sounding shakes - chocolate and malteasers is my combination of choice - a hint of malt without being too sweet or sickly. Delicious!

We are enticed by the side dishes, so choose to order a few sides and one burger to share. Batch will kindly offer to cut your burger in two if you are sharing (saves you having to hack it yourself!)

Grilled corn with paprika and lime mayo

Fresh off the grill, I enjoy the kick of paprika, but the lime in the mayo is a bit too subtle to notice.

Mac & cheese

Sinfully rich, this is a deceiving portion as you start out thinking 'it's not that big' but end up struggling to finish it.

Chilli fries

An american diner meal isn't complete without trying the chilli fries, even though my stomach is calling it quits from the carb overload at this point. The chillies actually pack quite a punch, so don't do as I did and chow down (thinking it wasn't going to be that hot) on one if you can't handle the heat! 

Brooklyn burger

Bacon, smoked cheddar, tomatoes, pickles, spanish onion &; lettuce with thousand island dressing.

Their burgers are pretty good - I would probably not order as many sides next time and just stick with getting a burger, takeaway, and eating it by the harbour.

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Monday, 3 March 2014

C'est la B - Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

During my visit to Hong Kong, one of the shopping centres I shopped at on numerous occasions, was Harbour City in Tsim Sha Tsui. I had always been meaning to check out C'est la B, a cafe and cakery opened by Bonnie Gokson, of Sevva fame. An early lunch provided the perfect opportunity. 

C'est la B menu

The temptations on offer

It's a very pretty and whimsical little cafe. with butterflies and pastel colours throughout. I especially love the hanging teapot lights!

Some of the cakes in the display

We decide to have a small early lunch and choose the lunch time set to share, which includes a soup, bento and cake of your choice.

Minestrone soup

I'm enamoured by the gorgeous cup and saucer more than anything! 


There were a few bento choices, each with a theme. I can't remember the name of this one, but it consisted of penne pasta and meatballs; prawn cutlets and a salad. Unfortunately, it wasn't that great. The pasta was quite chewy, and the other components were average. The table next to us had the bento with korean short rib and rice, which looked better.


Green tea latte

Lychee cake

Finally, dessert time! The mousse cake is quite nice - light with the fragrant lychee shining through.

A very nice venue (with matching steep prices), though I found the service neither here or there, it wasn't a busy time but it was still quite slow. I would definitely come here for coffee and the gorgeous cakes, but skip out on the savoury food. 

C'est la B
G111, GF
Harbour City
17 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui