Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Brewtown Newtown - Newtown, Sydney

There's been a lot of hype behind new cafe, Brewtown Newtown. The space that used to be Berkelouw Bookstore, is now a bustling cafe with some familiar faces around, namely Simon Triggs of Gnome and Charles Cameron from Single Origin Roasters (my beloved work coffee pit stop!)

Brewtown Newtown is tucked nicely off the main drag of King Street, on O'Connell street. The staff are enthusiastic and friendly, keen to offer any suggestions. 

The venue itself is pretty cool - a touch industrial, with brick walls and exposed beams. 



The coffee is tops and multiple macchiatos go down a treat. One of the best coffees in Sydney. 

Thought the lounging gnomes on the saucers were a cute touch!

Corned beef hash

The corned beef hash is comfort food at it's finest. Served with perfectly poached eggs, peas and parmesan crumbs. 

Baked polenta

The baked polenta is absolutely delicious, served with grilled asparagus, poached eggs, and mushroom topped with shaved parmesan. 

Glazed cronut

After seeing a zillion posts about it, o f course I can't resist getting a cronut for dessert. It definitely lives up to it's reputation - served warm, it's buttery, flaky and sweet.

Overall, I couldn't fault this place & I can definitely see why it's so popular - the coffee and food are both fabulous.

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Amy zhong said...

i love the service here, so friendly. the baked polenta is amazing!

Sherrie @ Crystal Noir said...

Argh I still want to visit! Everything looks so delicious :D

Annie said...

still craving for that baked polenta and the corned beef hash dishes right now...

Anonymous said...

That cronut! Been told their coffee are really good.

John Gorge said...

The baked polenta is indeed delicious, when served with grilled asparagus, poached eggs, and mushroom topped with shaved parmesan. I never regret to have another great time eating it.

Karen N said...

amy - I think friendly service really makes a place, and brewtown have it spot on!

Sherrie - definitely a must visit!

annie - their food is so flavoursome, loved both dishes

nessyeater - I have to agree with that! one of the best

John - it was a beautiful dish