Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Brickfields - Chippendale, Sydney

On a weekend, nothing beats a indulgent breakfast of baked goods, especially when it involves great friends to share a little bit of everything with! 

On this particular Saturday, we check out Brickfields, a small cafe/bakery that specialises in baked goods and sourdough bread. Located on Cleveland street in Chippendale, there is plenty of street parking in the surrounding streets.

Baked goodies 

The cafe itself is very small and the seating is mainly on narrow benches outside. Not the world's most comfortable seating, but it does the job. I'd definitely recommend getting there early if you have a larger group.

It was a lovely sunny morning, and we ordered one or two items each and pretty much had a taste of everything.

Hazelnut & fig bread

This was a wonderfully dense slice, full of gorgeous figs and studded with sweet hazelnuts. 

Apricot danish

So simple, but so delicious. Flaky pastry with a generous filling of the apricot and custard.


Fruit sourdough with ricotta

Apricot & prune tart

Ham & cheese croissant

Well worth a visit for the tempting baked goodies and a weekend coffee or two. 

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Amy zhong said...

love the sourdough here!

Ramen Raff said...

Would love to try their fruit sourdough! The normal sourdough is really good though. I'm very impressed with machhs that have latte art. It's such a hard thing to do.

Annie said...

been craving for croissants lately. that ham and cheese croissant looks very tempting

Tina said...

Would kill for that ham & cheese croissant right about now...

Karen N said...

amy - agree, their bread is pretty awesome!

raff - It is impressive! I can count on one hand the places I've been to that bother with latte art on a macch!

Annie - Can never go past a buttery and flaky croissant. I think my fave is still at flour & stone

Tina - such a perfect combination!