Monday, 19 May 2014

The Dough Collective - George Street, Sydney

The Dough Collective, conveniently located on George Street, is not your typical asian bakery. The concept is the same - grab a tray, pick what you like and take it to the counter. though the breads focus on quality and the range of flavours on offer are more unique.

The Dough Collective also sell Single Origin coffee, which is handy during those weekday mornings.

The variety of bread changes depending on the time of the day, with the board timeline outside of the shop indicating what is on offer at certain times.

Chinese goji berry roll

raisins, goji berries, almond slices, black and white sesame and sunflower seeds

Chinese longan bun

Black glutinous rice, dried longan and black sesame. An interesting combination of flavours and textures. 

Brown sugar mochi roll

This has a nice crunch with the brown sugar sprinkled on top, and walnuts inside.

Worth a visit for a good coffee and some interesting bread flavours! One of my favourites is the Belgian chocolate roll (not pictured) for a nice chocolate hit. 

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Saturday, 17 May 2014

Moon Park - Redfern, Sydney

Moon Park does Korean food, but not as we know it. Located in the latest foodie hotspot, Redfern, the dishes on offer are modern, refined and light.

The space is minimalist with simple decor, plus a balcony area which overlooks Redfern park.

rice crackers

We start with these paper thin and airy rice crackers whilst we ponder over the menu and decide what we want to order.

Cucumber kimchi, fresh nashi

This is not your usual kimchi dish. The cucumber and nashi were so refreshing, this is definitely a dish I'd like to recreate at home.


Flavoursome fried chickpea cake with pork mince and cabbage kimchi

Smoked eel with seed biscuit

These pretty morsels were gone in a single bite.


Rice cakes, gochujiang and peanuts. Texturally, rice cakes are always interesting to eat. The addition of the sweetness crushed peanuts reminded me of a chinese dessert with similar elements.


Visually very beautiful with the contrast of alamari noodles, blackbean, snowpea and kombu. Almost too pretty to eat!


This is Moon Park's interpretation of a korean dish that we all know and love. Their version has mixed rice, spanner crab, walnuts, broccolini and burnt butter. The portions err on the small side, though I find the dishes so flavoursome that you only really need a tiny portion to be satisfied.

zucchini pancake with mussel and calamari

This was my favourite dish of the night. The pancake was so crisp, and zucchini is up there on the list of favourite vegetables. I need to recreate this at home!


Another pretty dish, a refined poached royal summer chicken salad dish, with pinenuts, date and pickled rose.

shrimp brined fried chicken with soy and syrup

We all know the other KFC, Korean fried chicken, and again this is a fancier version of the giant plates of sticky, sweet and spicy we usually order at Korean restaurants. Moon Park's version is cooked to a perfect crispiness. 

pork belly, young corn, kale namul and pickled clam

A delicious combination of flavours - you can't really go wrong with pork belly!

eggplant, egg custard, pickled garlic scapes, lotus root jorim

The smokiness of the eggplant and the ridiculously silken egg custard made for a lovely contrast.


With chestnut ice cream, brown rice ice, pear and sujungwha

moon pie

With prune, muesli marshmallow, ginger jelly, graham cracker

The desserts carried on the theme of refined, lovely and light and were a nice way to end the meal. 

Overall, an interesting and refreshing experience where the dishes are beautifully executed and shows a different side of Korean food. 

However, due personal preference, I'm not sure if this is a place I would re-visit though, as when I have a craving for Korean food it's usually either for a big hearty bibimbap or a massive plate of fried chicken.

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Thursday, 8 May 2014

Something for Jess - Chippendale, Sydney

This year's Easter break was fabulous as it was so close to the Anzac day public holiday that taking 3 days off meant a sweet ten days off. Apart from a road trip to Canberra and a lovely long hike, I spent the other days just relaxing and took the opportunity to visit some places I normally don't have the time for.

Something for Jess was one of the cafes on my hit list. This little charming boutique cafe is the perfect mixture of casual, relaxed with mismatched furniture and crockery. It feels like a place you can just bring a book and spend the afternoon.


The coffee, a Five Senses blend, is good too. 

The menu is written up on the chalkboard wall, and changes weekly. It focuses on local and in-season produce, and it really shines through in their dishes. Everything is so flavoursome and fresh.

Zucchini with walnut pesto, slaw, roasted ox heart tomato, orange zested brussel sprouts, buttered cauliflower, grated celeriac, housemade persimmon jam with blue vein cheese

This salad is a generous tumble of all sorts of wonderful ingredients. This is exactly how I think a salad should be - especially loved the sweet ox heart tomato and persimmon jam. 

Chorizo bruschetta, fresh figs, Pepe Saya mascarpone, marjoram infused avocado puree, corn and roasted pumpkin, fresh figs

Another beautiful dish that showcases the produce - not much more needs to be done when you have such amazing ingredients!

Peanut butter pretzel affogato

I needed zero convincing when I saw this on the menu. It is as good as it sounds.

Something for Jess is on my favourites list now. Not sure how crowded it gets on a weekend, as I have only visited on weekdays and I could comfortably pick a seat. Just wish it was that bit closer to work so I could come here for lunch salads!

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Sunday, 4 May 2014

Activia & Barre Body

I was lucky enough to be invited to the launch of the Activia Fusions yoghurt range, which included a Barre Body class and a cooking demo by 'The Healthy Cook', Dan Churchill

I've been super keen to check out Barre body, but hadn't gotten around to it, so I jumped at the chance for a sneak preview. The studio, located in Bondi Junction, is a beautiful space - open and bright. The class was fun, and I found it quite similar to my regular vinyasa flow classes. The instructor/owner, Emma, is super lovely and the class was easy to follow.

After working up an appetite, it was time for Dan Churchill to whip up something tasty!

I need one of these contraptions to make zucchini 'pasta'

Salmon & zucchini salad with Activia fusions lemon & ginger yoghurt

Such a simple and easy to replicate idea, a touch of lemon was added for some extra zest. 

Spiced granola with Activia fusions lychee & grapefruit

The lychee and grapefruit flavour is my new favourite to have in the mornings with my muesli!

Some images courtesy of APL Photography, missklicious attended this event thanks to PPR.