Sunday, 4 May 2014

Activia & Barre Body

I was lucky enough to be invited to the launch of the Activia Fusions yoghurt range, which included a Barre Body class and a cooking demo by 'The Healthy Cook', Dan Churchill

I've been super keen to check out Barre body, but hadn't gotten around to it, so I jumped at the chance for a sneak preview. The studio, located in Bondi Junction, is a beautiful space - open and bright. The class was fun, and I found it quite similar to my regular vinyasa flow classes. The instructor/owner, Emma, is super lovely and the class was easy to follow.

After working up an appetite, it was time for Dan Churchill to whip up something tasty!

I need one of these contraptions to make zucchini 'pasta'

Salmon & zucchini salad with Activia fusions lemon & ginger yoghurt

Such a simple and easy to replicate idea, a touch of lemon was added for some extra zest. 

Spiced granola with Activia fusions lychee & grapefruit

The lychee and grapefruit flavour is my new favourite to have in the mornings with my muesli!

Some images courtesy of APL Photography, missklicious attended this event thanks to PPR.


Julie Carlyle said...

The class looks like a lot of fun. I love yoga, especially the Vinyesa flow style. Food looks pretty delicious too!
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Karen N said...

i love vinyasa flow too!

Annie said...

went to a barre body class at the new surry hills studio yesterday. muscles are still a bit sore but still no pain, no gain!