Something for Jess - Chippendale, Sydney

This year's Easter break was fabulous as it was so close to the Anzac day public holiday that taking 3 days off meant a sweet ten days off. Apart from a road trip to Canberra and a lovely long hike, I spent the other days just relaxing and took the opportunity to visit some places I normally don't have the time for.

Something for Jess was one of the cafes on my hit list. This little charming boutique cafe is the perfect mixture of casual, relaxed with mismatched furniture and crockery. It feels like a place you can just bring a book and spend the afternoon.


The coffee, a Five Senses blend, is good too. 

The menu is written up on the chalkboard wall, and changes weekly. It focuses on local and in-season produce, and it really shines through in their dishes. Everything is so flavoursome and fresh.

Zucchini with walnut pesto, slaw, roasted ox heart tomato, orange zested brussel sprouts, buttered cauliflower, grated celeriac, housemade persimmon jam with blue vein cheese

This salad is a generous tumble of all sorts of wonderful ingredients. This is exactly how I think a salad should be - especially loved the sweet ox heart tomato and persimmon jam. 

Chorizo bruschetta, fresh figs, Pepe Saya mascarpone, marjoram infused avocado puree, corn and roasted pumpkin, fresh figs

Another beautiful dish that showcases the produce - not much more needs to be done when you have such amazing ingredients!

Peanut butter pretzel affogato

I needed zero convincing when I saw this on the menu. It is as good as it sounds.

Something for Jess is on my favourites list now. Not sure how crowded it gets on a weekend, as I have only visited on weekdays and I could comfortably pick a seat. Just wish it was that bit closer to work so I could come here for lunch salads!

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wow chorizo bruschetta with figs?! how interesting! love the cute paw print in the last pic ^^" been meaning to check this place out
Tina said…
Holy moly - that affogato flavour!
It's such a cosy cafe isn't it? And their changing affogato is always way too tempting!
salads look great >< my fav dish
Unknown said…
Something for Jess is great,, How about something for me?
Miss Piggy said…
I'm yet to go here, though I'm fairly sure I could make it there and back in a lunch break. The food looks good and the decor/crockery is so cute!
missklicious said…
viv - love that the dishes are a mix of everything!

tina - I know! how can anyone resist!?

Helen - absolutely love the cafe space!

poongie - i love salads too, but always feel like they need something substantial in them, these ones were perfect!

Macky Blaise - hehe

Melanie - I'm envious that you can make it there for lunch! I would be there a few times a week if I could