The Dough Collective - George Street, Sydney

The Dough Collective, conveniently located on George Street, is not your typical asian bakery. The concept is the same - grab a tray, pick what you like and take it to the counter. though the breads focus on quality and the range of flavours on offer are more unique.

The Dough Collective also sell Single Origin coffee, which is handy during those weekday mornings.

The variety of bread changes depending on the time of the day, with the board timeline outside of the shop indicating what is on offer at certain times.

Chinese goji berry roll

raisins, goji berries, almond slices, black and white sesame and sunflower seeds

Chinese longan bun

Black glutinous rice, dried longan and black sesame. An interesting combination of flavours and textures. 

Brown sugar mochi roll

This has a nice crunch with the brown sugar sprinkled on top, and walnuts inside.

Worth a visit for a good coffee and some interesting bread flavours! One of my favourites is the Belgian chocolate roll (not pictured) for a nice chocolate hit. 

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Anonymous said…
Love their bread so much! They're so much better when fresh but I often buy it for breakfast the next day and it's not as good.
I am still to get there, have heard such great things.
ChocolateSuze said…
im intrigued at that brown sugar mochi roll!
Such an interesting mix of flavours! The brown sugar mochi looks so tasty!
Anonymous said…
I've been meaning to drop by this bakery, so many crazy flavours I want to try :D
Unknown said…
Makes me crave.. I love those bread.