Saturday, 12 July 2014

The Common Ground Cafe & Bakery - Picton, NSW

I love going on road trips and exploring new places. On this particular day, we decided to go out to Picton to check out some orchards and a funky little place that caught our eye after some research on cafes in the area. 

Unfortunately, the cafe closed earlier than the posted time on the website, so we arrived to find the doors shut and the staff packing up. So disappointing! Back in the car, and after a bit of a drive, we find The Common Ground Cafe & Bakery.

The Common Ground Cafe is located in a historic building, The Razorback Inn, built in 1849. The cafe has a cosy and homely feel, and is run by The Twelve Tribes, with the produce from their nearby Peppercorn Creek Farm. 

The cafe has a wide variety of freshly baked artisan breads and cakes. It's quite busy during our weekend afternoon visit and we are taken out the back to the beautiful wool shed, which has more seating. 

Chai latte

The chai has a lovely blend of warming spices and comes in a huge mug - it's the perfect winter warmer.

Pumpkin soup with garlic toast

Vegetarian burger with crisps

Cashew and cranberry salad

There is a real community vibe, and the food is exactly what you'd expect if you were to drop into someone's home - nothing fancy, all very simple, but fresh, hearty, satisfying and wholesome. 

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Helen (Grab Your Fork) said...

The pumpkin soup looks delish - especially with that garlic bread!

Cintami Andoko said...

that burger looks delicious !!

Bernard Tsang said...

Came up here for a spontaneous trip to Katoomba and absolutely loved how different the vibe was. The waiters were so warming and lovely. And the food was delish too =]