Friday, 18 July 2014

Yayoi - Bridge Street, Sydney

After drooling over all the Yayoi posts that have been popping up on my Instagram feed, it was the perfect destination for a Friday night dinner on a cold and windy night.

Yayoi is all about the teishoku, which translate to 'set meal', dishes and steamed rice all on one tray - the staple of Japanese cuisine. The teishoku is accompanied by miso soup, and offers a balanced meal with side dishes of vegetables and pickles.

The waitress asks whether we have dined here before, and after indicating that we hadn't, she briefly explained how the ipad ordering system works, and also gave us a bit of information regarding the teishoku, including that it would take 25 minutes for the rice to cook on our table.

Plum umeshu on the rocks

There's a decent sake menu and wine list to choose from. I always tend toward the fruity options!

After ordering our set meals, the rice is brought out shortly to be cooked on our table. 

The only issue with the cooking time of the rice was that our set meals were brought out 5 or so minutes before the rice was actually ready, which was not a big deal but I do like the idea of having all the components of your dish together.

Miso pork fillet katsu teishoku

Crunchy pork katsu in miso sauce and a slow cooked egg - ultimate comfort food!

Wagyu sukiyaki

The food was tasty of a high quality, and the venue has a lovely spacious feel. I like the idea of the electronic ordering system, but after ordering, the pad takes up precious table space. It would be great if they had a little shelf underneath the table to stash it, as ours ending up being placed on the floor when our set meals came out and there was no room for it.

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Helen (Grab Your Fork) said...

So much ritual with the rice cooked at the table. Added a great spectacle to our meal!

Mademoiselle in sydney said...

Wow, not sure I could handle the sight of something cooking right in front of me without eating it (yes, even if it is just rice!!) :) The sukiyaki looks delicious!

Amy zhong said...

mm pork katsu with soft boiled egg looks delish!

Anonymous said...

So keen to try this place! I am liking their set meals :D

Vivian - vxdollface said...

ohh, when I went our rice was brought out first to cook for and when it was done that's when all our dishes came out