Monday, 14 July 2014

Zeus Street Greek - Drummoyne, Sydney

Zeus Street Greek is a great little new venue, dishing out delicious greek food in a casual, warm and relaxed setting. 

On this particular Friday night, the place is abuzz, lines spilling out the door and barely room to spare. Luckily, Zeus Street Greek handle it all very efficiently, with a dedicated person to organise the table waiting list and takeaway line. It's busy but not chaotic. 

After about a 35 minute wait, we manage to get a fantastic seat facing the kitchen and get to watch all the action happening. 

Poseidon pita - prawns

Lightly fried prawns with Aegean slaw, preserved lemon mayo, caramelised onion, honey & coriander. This was absolutely delicious - all the ingredients were really light and fresh, not heavy or greasy at all. I loved the addition of preserved lemon mayo and honey. 

You definitely know when something tastes amazing when you have trouble just eating your allocated half when sharing with someone!

The Zeus pita - lamb

Luckily, the other item we ordered is equally as tasty. This is Zeus Street Greek's signature slow-cooked (melts in your mouth!) lamb with Aegean slaw, smoked eggplant, onion and parsley.

Feta and oregano chips

The chips are nice enough, though I have to admit, the pitas completely overshadowed these. 

Ancient grain salad

A lovely side dish with a variety of textures from the cracked wheat, lentils, pepitas, almonds and yoghurt.

There is always room for dessert, and it's easily decided as Zeus only have one dessert option on the menu.


These greek doughnuts are freshly fried and served with honey, cinnamon and walnuts. So moreish!

Zeus Street Greek's aim is to make their customers feel at home, with a philosophy of using 'time honoured methods and family recipes to make real food, with integrity, taste and freshness'. This definitely shines through in the food and the lovely vibe of the restaurant.

I am slightly devastated that I didn't get to try the haloumi this time around, but rest assured, I'll be back for it!

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chocolatesuze said...

the prawns sound amazing but i want those donuts sooo badly!

Anonymous said...

Love how they've named their pita :) That ancient grain salad looks delicious! At first glance, I thought it was an insane amount of pistachios haha!! I love pine nuts and pumpkin seeds!

Cintami Andoko said...

that pita prawn makes me have watery mouth problem !
looks delicious !

Annie said...

that lamb pita looks so succulent! might actually make the trip to drummoyne for this

Amy zhong said...

those doughnuts! man epic doughnut cravings activated!

Karen N said...

chocolatesuze - loved ALL the food here! mmm nothing better than freshly fried doughnuts!!

frenchinsydney - I love salads with nuts and seeds, always add some nice texture

cintami - prawns were delish!

Annie - Yes, defo recommend making the trip over!

Amy - hehe :) sooo good!