Monday, 25 August 2014

The Pig & Pastry - Petersham, Sydney

Petersham has built up a nice collection of cafes around the area. One of these is the adorably name The Pig & Pastry. 

The Pig & Pastry overlooks Petersham park, and is a fairly recent addition, having opened its doors in mid-2013. This cute little cafe always seems to be busy on the weekend - luckily parking in the surrounding streets is relatively easy to find.

Breakfast menu

The menu consists of the usual suspects, plus some daily special sodas, and baked goodies at the counter. The breakfast menu is served until 11:45am.


Mornings aren't really complete with a coffee fix. Pig & Pastry use coffee by De Luca.

Pineapple & berry smoothie

The smoothie of the day is this lovely pink concoction of pineapple & berries.

The Pig & Pastry toasted banana bread

The boy goes with the banana bread as his choice, and it has a lovely crunch on the outside, and is wonderfully fragrant and fluffy on the inside.

Sweet corn fritters

Served with a runny poached egg, crispy bacon and avocado salsa. I always love the combination of corn, avocado and bacon. The Pig & Pastry take their bacon seriously, and cook it to crispy perfection.

A great spot for a bit of brunch in Petersham - I'm keen to go back at lunch time and try some of the other offerings. 

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Amy zhong said...

this is my happy place, i love their winter porridge here!

chocolatesuze said...

that bacon! <3

Karen N said...

amy - yummo! i shall try the porridge next time :)

suze - so damn crispy and good!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to go back!