Autolyse - Central Park, Sydney

After hearing that Canberra bakery, Autolyse, had opened a new branch in Central Park, the Canberran in me decided it was the perfect location for a leisurely brunch on a recent day off.

Autolyse stands for 'an extra rest period for a dough used by artisan bakers to ensure optimum moisture and texture', judging by this, you can tell that the bread and pastries are the star of the show.

The cafe is a huge, light-filled space that is spacious and airy. A great place so sit and have brunch with the weekend paper, or grab a seat by side and watch the delicious bread and pastries being made.

The ordering system is simple - the menu is written on the blackboard, and you order and pay at the counter, and get this cute plant/chalkboard table number.


Coffee is by Canberra-based Ona coffee

Brioche french toast

Autolyse's rendition of the french toast is a thick slab of brioche, slathered in a tangy concoction of yoghurt and berries. The yoghurt works fabulously well in offsetting the sweetness of the toast, which is sprinkled with what appears to be a cinnamon sugar. Loved this dish!

Open smoked salmon sandwich

A super fresh and healthy combination, served with cucumber, avocado, watercress, herbs, toasted seeds and vinaigrette. 

Smoked trout salad

A very generous serving of salad, with kipfler potatoes, yoghurt dressing and sourdough on the side.

Pastries cabinet

Of course I couldn't go past the tempting pastries on display...

Lemon meringue tart

Open 7 days a week, this will be definitely be a regular weekend brunch and lunch option for sure.

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Unknown said…
brioche french toast!! yumm-o
ChocolateSuze said…
oh wow that french toast!
Yet to try the French toast here but it's definitely on my list!
oooh they loaded the berries and yoghurt on that french toast!