Yamato - Sydney CBD

Yamato Izakaya is a relatively new Japanese restaurant housed in the ANZ building, and offers a variety of menu options. They are currently doing a dinner promotion where everything on the menu is 50% off, so it was a good time to check it out.


The menu is a nice and glossy picture book, I love picture menus as it gives you a relatively good idea of what the dish will be like. 

Sukiyaki beef and shallot skewers

The beef skewers came out quickly; unfortunately, the beef was only lukewarm, though it was nice and tender.

Soft shell crab sushi roll

This was my favourite dish out of everything that we ordered. Can't go wrong with crispy soft shell crab and spicy mayo. 


Chicken katsu don

Leo roll

A sushi roll with nicely charred salmon on the top, though unfortunately it was overpowered by the huge hunk of cream cheese.

Pretty good value with the 50% dinner deal, but not sure I'd be rushing back with so many fabulous choices for Japanese around.

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Always found the Japanese penchant for cream cheese in sushi rather odd but I agree, that soft shell crab sushi is always a winner!
I really like the range of mocktails available, totally do not see that everyday :D

Choc Chip Uru
Milktea Eats said…
the leo roll looks great!
pretty good with 50% off and the chicken katsu don looks like a fairly big serving