Monday, 6 October 2014

John Smith - Waterloo, Sydney

During my walks and explorations, I often wander past places that I've previously put on my never-ending 'to eat list'.  John Smith, located in a sunny corner spot in Waterloo, serves up great coffee, tempting brunch options, and of course, the ever popular cronuts (or should I say Brewnuts now?!)

We manage to get in early, just before a queue starts to form. Service is friendly and seating is pretty casual in the small cafe- there's a row of bar style seating on one side, and some vibrant and colourful booths. We end up sharing one with a couple, and end up ordering the same dishes, freaky coincidence!

Latte & macchiato 

At John Smith, they roast their own coffee under the Rebel Roasters label. 

Coffee wheel with the different flavour and note profiles. Pretty cool!

Avocado, goats cheese on sourdough with fresh lime, coriander and chilli jam

Somtimes the simple things are the best. This dish takes avocado on toast to the next level with a pop of flavour from the chilli and coriander. 

Vegetarian breakfast special

As I was dining with my vegetarian buddy, we naturally gravitated toward the vegetarian breakfast option on the specials menu. Was super glad we did, it was absolutely delicious! Two perfectly poached eggs on top of a polenta/veggie slice. 

It's hard not to be enticed by the overflowing cabinet of various Brewnuts, temptingly (dangerously!) located right in the middle of the store.
I was impressed by the food here- the dishes had some really lovely, fresh flavours, without being heavy or stodgy. Will definitely be back to try out the other breakfast options!

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chocolatesuze said...

hehe that coffee wheel is awesome!

Amy zhong said...

Mmmm avo smashed on toast is a must everywhere i go!

Guru Uru said...

That breakfast special looks absolutely brilliant :D

Choc Chip Uru

Karen N said...

suze - definitely one for the coffee nerds!

amy - smashed avo on toast can never go wrong :D

Guru - it was delish!