Sunday, 19 October 2014

Pyrama - Pyrmont, Sydney

Pyrama is a nice little Pyrmont cafe, offering all day breakfast on the weekends. The menu consists of all the standard breakfast items one would expect - a big breakfast; eggs Benedict; bacon and egg roll; muffins, and the list goes on.  At night the restaurant is a contemporary restaurant, with a tempting  sounding Modern Australian menu.



Of course, coffee is a must to any breakfast - the coffees are decent, but nothing amazing.

2 eggs on toast with bacon

This dish came out and I immediately thought it looked like a face haha, not sure if that was intentional. 

Sweet corn fritters

I could not go past the fritters; served with a winning combination of crispy bacon, avocado salsa, sweet chilli & sour cream. At first glance, I thought there was too much sweet chilli sauce, but I did end up soaking it all up whilst eating the fritter.

Pyrama use certified organic free range eggs, a massive plus!

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Annie said...

omg this is 5 mins from where i work and i still haven't seen this cafe. must look out for it tomorrow