Devon on Danks - Waterloo, Sydney

Walking to Devon on Danks from home somewhat offsets the gluttony of devouring donuts for breakfast.

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This new Devon on Danks street is spacious, with plenty of seating. 

As it's Christmas holiday season and still quite early, we are the first to arrive. 

Devon on danks menu

The menu items are similar to the Surry Hills cafe, though with the notable addition of the donuts, cronuts and soft serves.


Coffee is much needed for an early start.

Soft shell crab roll aka Japanois

Crispy soft shell crab with sichimi pepper, wasabi mayo, tobiko, nori, pickled cucumber, carrot & shiso. This did not quite hit the spot, it was like a love child of a japanese soft shell crab roll and a Vietnamese bahn mi, cased in a sweet asian style bun, though the soft shell crab was perfectly crisp.

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Dr Seuss' Green eggs and ham

A visually appealing dish with smoky thick cut bacon,  63 degree egg, green tomato ketchup, pea puree, soybeans and pea tendrils.


sydney donuts, sydney doughnuts, devon on danks, matcha red bean, raspberry, milo

A trio of mini donuts, including matcha & red bean, raspberry & vanilla cream, and milo.

Devon's cronuts aka cronnies

Devon on Dank's version of the cronuts are colourful, square and petite.

cronut sydney devon on danks
Pork floss and mayo cronut

The cronut here is good - lovely, flaky and crisp. However, the savoury pork and mayo combination is an acquired taste, and one I have not yet acquired a taste for! I would definitely try the other flavours next time. 

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Love soft shell crab, they look so good! Would love to try their Matcha donut too and also milo hehe. Happy New Year :)
Those devon on dank donuts were my favourite, they look so fluffy :D

Choc Chip Uru
haha I wasn't sure if i would like the pork floss mayo cronut so I didn't order it when I was there.. I wonder if it's similar to the pork floss buns you can buy at breadtop!
FoodAvenue said…
Wow, I would totally love to try the pork floss cronut!! hehe