Saturday, 21 February 2015

Ichi-ban Boshi - The Galeries Victoria, Sydney

washoku lovers
Ichi-ban Boshi is one of the default places to go for ramen in Sydney. It is very popular and there is almost always a line up. It's always a good chance to pop into the fabulous book store next door, Kinokuniya, for a browse whilst you wait. 

ichiban boshi
Iced green tea cappuccino

I always order the green tea cappuccino - a milky green tea concoction that comes with a side of syrup for you to sweeten to your tastes. 

Iced coffee

The iced coffee comes with a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream. 

Tempura salmon sushi

Having never eaten tempura sushi before, we decided to order this. I love sushi and tempura as separate items but  not quite sure about both together. The boy did enjoy this dish though. The hot chilli mayonnaise a nice spicy kick to it. 


These pan fried pork and vegetable gyoza are always a favourite. 

cold ramen sydney
Hiyashi Chuka

Available in summer only, these cold ramen noodles are served with shredded ham, egg and cucumber.  The sauce has a hint of ginger and is very appetising.

ichi ban boshi sydney
Aburi chashu-men

Thick slices of flame grilled roast pork served with ramen. I had a taste of the pork and it was so tender and tasty.

There is currently a cold noodle special promotion running at the moment where you can get a cold noodle dish plus a soft drink for $15. Perfect for the super hot days we've been having in Sydney lately! 

missklicious and guest dined at Ichi-ban Boshi courtesy of SD Marketing Global

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Helen (Grab Your Fork) said...

It's been years since I've been to Ichi Ban Boshi. The hiyashki chuka looks so refreshing for summer.