Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Messina Milk Bar & Black Star Pastry x N2 Gelato - Spectrum Now, The Domain

After seeing my Instagram flooded with all the amazing sweets at Spectrum Now festival markets, I made it my mission to go check it out one evening. 

The Messina stall is fashioned into a old style milk bar - very cute! 

All the ice creams on offer come in a bar and there are also thick shakes. It's hard to choose as all the ice creams look delicious. 

Messina The Bounty Hunter and Fully Sik Picnic

I decide on the 'The Bounty Hunter' due to the coconut and lychee combination. A milk and desiccated coconut  layered on coconut gelato and lychee mousse. The strip of tart passionfruit jelly in the middle helps to cut through the richness. 

I try a couple of bites of the 'Fully Sik Picnic' and it's heavenly. Gianduia Bianco gelato (white chocolate and hazelnut) with Dulce de Leche, hazelnut crunch base and Gianduia chocolate layered on top. 

Since it wasn't enough of a sugar overload, we wandered over to the Black Star Pastry x N2 stall to see what they had on offer. 

Plum Slinger

Such a pretty dessert, though all the flavours did not quite do it for me. The sandalwood pastry was nice and crisp, but the ginger lychee sorbet, freeze-dried plums, frankincense sugar and mint gel did not really go well together.

I have my eye on the cake smash gelato next time (strawberry watermelon cake in N2 form)

Spectrum Now is on from 11-29 March at The Domain.

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Millie said...

love the pics ! and omgsh i tried the exact same messina ice -creams ! they were INSANELY GOOD omggggg <3_<3