Thursday, 19 March 2015

Penny University Coffee Roasters - Kingston, Canberra

Penny University is possibly the cutest venue in Canberra. Sure, it's a bit hipster, with the mismatched furniture and retro decor. Check out the adorable animal decals on the wall! 

It's a busy Saturday morning and all the inside seats are taken; we manage to get a seat inside the enclosed courtyard area which was great as it was a chilly Canberra morning and a tad too cold to brave the elements outdoors. 

Penny University menu

The breakfast at Penny University is on offer until 3pm - perfect for those lazy weekend brunches.



The coffee at Penny University is strong and smooth. Just what the doctor ordered when waking up at a crazy hour to watch the Balloon Spectacular. 


There's a range of tempting baked goodies on the counter that are hard to resist, including the delicious beignets. 

Miso snapper II

The menu is imaginative and different to your usual stock standard breakfast options.  My mum and I opt for the miso snapper to share.

The baked miso cod is topped on a toasted bagel with a fried egg, asparagus and corn puree. I enjoyed this dish immensely - the flavoursome charred corn and the perfectly cooked asparagus. It's not often you see fish (besides smoked salmon) on a breakfast menu, so it's a nice change.

Caramel and macadamia beignets

These were heavenly!! Not too sweet, and filled with little pieces of macadamia; it would have been even more amazing if these were served warm, but that is just a minor detail. 

Overall, I loved Penny University and could not fault our breakfast here. I'm jealous of all these fabulous cafes and cool restaurants that are popping up in Canberra - mental note to visit more often! 

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