Sunday, 19 April 2015

Akiba - Civic, Canberra

modern asian canberra
Newcomer Akiba is all about modern asian share dishes.  The space is modern and trendy, with plenty of outdoor seating; perfect for a sunny day lunch. 

The dishes at Akiba are best described as modern asian - the menu has a mix of flavours, inspired by Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Thai etc. It's a hard decision to choose what to have for lunch; everything on the menu sounds delicious.

Kimchi and Angasi pancakes

The pancakes were tasty, served with the spicy kick of Sriracha and kewpie mayo. The Angasi was barely discernible though. 

Beef short rib

Perfectly cooked short rib that just falls to pieces with a nudge of the fork. The flavours are lovely with the addition of tamarind caramel and Thai basil. 

Yellowfin tuna

Served with organic japanese soy and wasabi panna cotta. Good produce does not need much fancying up, and the tuna speaks for itself. The wasabi panna cotta is an interesting concept, though is quite mild and does not really add much in the flavour department. 

Cocktails - Summer Spritz and Gaijin Fizz

The Summer Spritz was a refreshing blend of sake, bubbles, lychee and coconut - very easy to drink. My Gaijin Fizz included Tanqueray gin, aloe vera, pandan and bananas; sounding great on paper, but this combination just did not work for me. 

I left wishing I had room for more dishes and dessert as there were quite a few dishes I had my eye on - definitely will be back again! 

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