Saturday, 11 April 2015

Frugii Dessert Laboratory - Braddon, Canberra

I've probably mentioned this before, but I'm literally always amazed at all the cool new places that seem to constantly be popping up in Canberra. I hadn't visited in a fair while so needless to say, I had a long list of places to try.

One of those places was Frugii Dessert laboratory, claiming to have the world's best ice-cream. Frugii ice cream is organic, with no added colours or flavours.

Frugii is located in the Ori building located in the newly jazzed up precinct in Braddon - the same building houses a retro barber shop and a handful of small boutiques. 

Choux pastries

As soon as I walked into the shop, my eyes diverted to the cabinet full of these beautiful choux pastries. Indecisiveness kicks in and I end up spending a good fives minutes just trying to narrow down my choice.  

frugii dessert
Orange and praline choux

I end up choosing the orange and praline combination and it was divine. The citrus flavour cuts through the richness of the praline. The lovely girl behind the counter actually recommended the lemon meringue flavour, so I'll definitely be trying that next time.

frugii braddon
Salted butter caramel ice cream

I definitely couldn't leave without trying some ice cream, so I decided a on a scoop of the decadent sounding salted butter caramel. I can see why Frugii touts itself on having the best ice cream - it's smooth, creamy and the caramel flavour is lovely. Not sure if this one's a regular flavour, but highly recommend getting it! 

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Anonymous said...

I am reading all your Canberra post and it gives me a reason to want to go Canberra! Looks like they have some great food there. :)